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2012-2013 Reports

2012-2013 Miscellaneous Reports


Revised Tenure Timeline for lecturers (pdf)

Corrected Finance and Planning Committee revisions (pdf)

Finance and Planning Committee revisions (pdf)

Proposed By-laws change--committee service (pdf)

Area Coordinator revision proposal and Cover Sheet (pdf)

Attendance Policy Cover Sheet (pdf)

Attendance Policy revision (pdf)

External Grants and Sponsored Research revised (pdf)

Academic Chairs Council Annual Report (pdf)

Academic Committee on Technology Annual Report (pdf)

Academic Outcomes Annual Report (pdf)

Admissions Annual Report-Freshmen (pdf)

Admissions Annual Report-Transfers (pdf)

Admissions Committee minutes 2012-13 (pdf)

Advisory Board--Center for Faculty Enrichment (pdf)

Bookstore Innovation Group Annual Report (pdf)

Cormier Honors College Advisory Committee (pdf)

EPC Annual Report (pdf)

Faculty Awards Committee Annual Report (pdf)

Faculty Development and Research Annual Report (pdf)

Faculty Senate of Virginia Report (pdf)

Finance and Planning Committee Annual Report (pdf)

General Education Committee Annual Report (pdf)

Intercollegiate Athletic Council Annual Report (pdf)

Library Advisory Committee Annual Report (pdf)

Online Advisory Committee Annual Report (pdf)

Petitions Committee Annual Report (pdf)

P and T Policies and Procedures Committee Annual Report (pdf)

Senior Honors Research Committee Annual Report (pdf)

University Lectures Committee Annual Report (pdf)

PTR draft with proposed amendments (pdf)

Library Advisory Committee coversheet and proposed revision (pdf)

Graduate faculty definition revised (pdf)

Committee on Finance and Planing revisions (pdf)

Proposed policy for lecturers who become tenure-track faculty (pdf)

Salary Study 2012-13 (pdf)

Salary Summary 2012 (pdf)

Annuar Performance Evaluation revised (pdf)

Appendix F revised (pdf)

Post Tenure Review revised (pdf)

Cover Sheet for Graduate workload (pdf)

Proposed Graduate workload (pdf)

Cover Sheet for Annual Performance Evaluation (pdf)

Annual Performance Evaluation (pdf)

Appendix F (pdf)

Cover Sheet for Post Tenure Review (pdf)

Proposed Post Tenure Review Policy (pdf)

External Grants Policy (pdf)

Proposal Cover Sheet--Senior Honors Research (pdf)

Senior Honors Research Guidelines (pdf)

Proposal Cover Sheet--Bookstore Committee (pdf)

Bookstore Committee Proposal for Standing Committee Status (pdf)

Graduate Council Proposal Cover Sheet (pdf)

Graduate Council Proposed FPPM Copy (pdf)