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Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services

Clinical Placements

Clinically, students acquire a minimum of 400 clock hours (as required for ASHA certification) with clients of all ages (infancy through geriatric populations) and all communication disorders.

All students begin their clinical experience under close supervision of Longwood faculty at Longwood's Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services (SHLS) and move to off-site placements as they develop their clinical skills. SHLS provides services to children and adults with articulation, language, voice, fluency, cognitive, and hearing disorders. In addition, SHLS provides early intervention services in the home, accent modification for English language learners, early literacy experiences for preschoolers, and communication strategies classes for adults with hearing loss. Longwood offers a variety of off-site placements for students, including public and private schools, private practice, community clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and nursing homes.


Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services

Faculty and clinical supervisors are ASHA-certified, Commonwealth of Virginia licensed professionals and provide ongoing, direct supervision of the assessment and intervention activities of Longwood's Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services.

Students gain experience in providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to children and adults with various disorders of speech, language, and hearing, while serving area residents and the Southside Virginia community. Evaluations and therapy sessions are video recorded so that clinic students, supervisors, faculty, and clients can review the sessions, in a completely confidential manner, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. 

SHLS also provides early intervention and tutoring services in the local community. This gives Communication Sciences and Disorders students valuable opportunities to collaborate with professionals in other disciplines as part of their graduate program.


Hands-on Learning

During the clinical experiences offered at Longwood's Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services (SHLS) and the off-campus clinical sites, students will learn to:

  • plan diagnostic assessments,
  • plan for therapy sessions,
  • perform a range of diagnostic procedures,
  • interpret results of diagnostic assessments,
  • report diagnostic assessment results in an organized, accurate, and professional manner,
  • conduct a variety of therapy procedures,
  • interact appropriately with clients, clients’ families, and other professionals,
  • manage client behavior, as needed, during assessments and therapy,
  • maintain appropriate and accurate confidential records,
  • adhere to the ASHA code of Ethics, and
  • participate in evaluation of own clinical performance

The articles below highlight some of the valuable hands-on experiences that students receive as graduate clinicians.

Cole Mickles

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