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The Graduate Communication Sciences and Disorders program is hosting Open Houses for prospective students. Click here for dates and times.

Longwood University Graduate Admission Requirements for the Communication Sciences and Disorders program are as follows:

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Either an undergraduate major in Communication Sciences and Disorders with cumulative GPA of 3.0 OR
  • An undergraduate major in a different discipline with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Applicants for admission who have not completed the following courses will need to complete these courses with a grade of B- or better prior to enrolling in graduate level classes, but not prior to acceptance into the program:  Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms, Phonetics (Transcription), Speech Science, Introduction to Audiology and Hearing Science, Language Development Across the Lifespan, Phonology and Language Disorders, Neurology of Human Communication, Introduction to Clinical Practice, and Sign Language. Students will also need to enroll in a graduate class to complete the required observation hours.  Students can be admitted without these courses and will complete them during their first two semesters on campus.
  • Complete the CSDCAS ApplicationFor Fall 2016 admission, the CSDCAS application launched on September 17, 2015.  The following components are required with the CSDCAS application:
         1.  Three recommendations attesting to the applicant's potential to successfully complete graduate study.  Longwood
              CSD undergraduates - at least two of the three from faculty other than Longwood CSD faculty. 
         2.  GRE Scores no more than five years old.  Institution Code - 0068)
         3.  Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
         4.  Personal essay (500 words or more) which includes the following: a discussion of the student's reasons for
              seeking graduate education, the student's career goals, and how the graduate program in communication
              sciences and disorders will prepare him or her to meet those goals, prior work/life experiences which
              relate to interest in and aptitude for the graduate program, and the student's perception of his or her
              intellectual capacity to successfully complete the graduate program.
         5.  Resume or curriculum vitae that details your work experience, education, leadership and professional
              organization activities, and scholarly activities, including publications, presentations, research, honors and awards.
         6.  A file with a link to a video of yourself.  This is an opportunity to complete a mini-interview.  Please take 40 - 60
              seconds to respond to one or more of the questions below.  The video should show your whole body, you should
              wear professional dress, and use professional communication.
              a.  Why did you choose the program at Longwood University and what unique opportunity(ies) would you have as a
                   student in this department?
              b.  How will you contribute to our program?  Or, what qualities do you possess that will strengthen or somehow
                   strongly contribute to our program?
              c.  Tell us about a significant accomplishment you achieved.
              d.  Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your potential for graduate school. 
  • Complete the Longwood University Online Application, pages 1, 2, 4 (if applicable), and 5.

The February 1st deadline is an absolute deadline with verification of all application materials required by that date for the CSDCAS application.  CSDCAS advises that it takes four weeks after achieving 'complete' status to be in 'verified' status.  Receipt of the Longwood University online application is required by February 1st as well.  Applications are reviewed once annually after the February 1st deadline for consideration for admission to the subsequent fall semester.  Applicants are sent notification of a decision no later than March 15th and must accept the offer-of-admission by submitting a deposit by April 15th. Deposits are refundable provided a written withdrawal/refund request is submitted to the College of Graduate & Professional Studies prior to June 30th.  Students accepted for the fall semester are given the option of taking courses the preceding summer.

CSDCAS Information

  • CSDCAS Customer service is available Mondary thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.  Phone - 617-612-2030; E-mail - csdcassinfo@csdcas.org
  • All official transcripts MUST be sent to CSDCAS at this address:  CSDCAS Verification Department, PO Box 9113, Watertown, MA 02471
  • Longwood University GRE code for CSDCAS is 0068
  • The February 1st application deadline status is defined by CSDCAS as follows:  Status - Verified by February 1st means applicants must have their application verified (GPA calculation completed) by the deadline date posted. To ensure the application is verified on time, applications must be completed (e-submitted, payment received, and transcripts received by CSDCAS) at least four weeks in advance of the deadline date.

For complete application requirements, procedures, and required forms, please visit the Graduate Studies web site.

Note: To meet ASHA certification and Virginia Department of Education licensure requirements, students will also need to demonstrate completion of the following coursework before completion of the graduate program: biological science, physical science, mathematics, social science, sign language, and introduction to special education.