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About the OSPR

About the OSPR

The OSPR is committed to helping the campus community obtain external funding, submit proposals, administer awards, and comply with all applicable University and sponsor policies.

Office of Sponsored Programs & Research:

  • oversees the implementation of and compliance with sponsored project policies as required by federal mandate as a requisite for conducting sponsored projects.
  • offers assistance in interpreting applicable federal regulations and other sponsors' terms and conditions as they apply to the performance and management of sponsored projects.
  • Conducts workshops for faculty and staff who seek grant funding and prepare proposals.

Mission Statement

To further the mission of the University and help achieve the goals of both the Strategic Initiatives and the Academic Strategic Plan and to encourage the research, scholarly and creative activities of the faculty and staff, the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research has as its mission:

To promote, facilitate and encourage faculty and staff in the pursuit of external funding for projects and activities that serve to enrich the research, educational and creative endeavors at Longwood University. As such, the office serves as an advocate to the campus community for all phases of sponsored program development. In this capacity, the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research provides a comprehensive program of services, resources and strategies for developing project ideas into quality proposals and competitive applications to secure external funds.