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The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research contributes to the academic mission of Longwood University by helping faculty and staff obtain funds for sponsored programs and assist with the management of those projects which receive awards.

In support of these goals, OSPR offers the following services:

  1. Assist in the identification of potential sponsors for research and other projects. Services include providing faculty and staff with individual notices of funding opportunities, conducting individualized funding searches using various databases, and training faculty and staff in the use of grant databases to do their own funding searches. OSPR also works closely with Corporate and Foundation Relations to identify support from private sources for sponsored programs.
  2. Provide support in developing proposals.OSPR works with faculty and staff in the preparation of proposals for sponsored projects. This can involve serving as a liaison to sponsors for insight on funding opportunities, providing strategic advice on preparing proposals, facilitating the creation of teams of participants for collaborative projects, and writing and editorial assistance.
  3. Oversee the proposal routing and approval process for applications for sponsored funding. OSPR has primary oversight responsibility for the timely review of proposals submitted on behalf of the institution. The review process is designed to ensure that the application conforms to university and sponsor guidelines with respect to such issues as academic appropriateness of the project, commitments of faculty and staff time, budgetary provisions, requirements for space and facilities, and special considerations for review as human subjects, animal use, proprietary data, and hazardous materials.
  4. Negotiation and acceptance of awards. OSPR negotiates terms and conditions for all awards, and subawards with sponsors to ensure a mutually acceptable award document. The office is also primarily responsible for negotiating subawards to institutions when Longwood is the prime recipient of a grant or contract.
  5. Non-financial post-award administration. The OSPR has several post-award responsibilities, including approvals for rebudgeting and no-cost extensions, resolving administrative problems which may arise during the course of a project, and overseeing non-financial reporting on sponsored projects. OSPR also works closely with The office of Grant & ContractFinancial Administration to ensure that the financial management of awards meets both University and sponsor requirements.

In addition, OSPR provides a number of related services:

  • Organizes campus informational meetings on grant writing, funding opportunities, using electronic grant-related resources, grant management issues, and other topics germane to sponsored program activity.
  • Maintains a grants management database that can provide members of the university community with timely information pertaining to sponsored program activity.