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Frequently Asked Questions


How can OSPR help me?

OSPR offers a variety of services and support for faculty and staff in their pursuit of external funding such as:

  • Assistance in finding grant opportunities
  • Reviewing agency guidelines
  • Budget preparation
  • Proposal editing and proof-reading
  • Assistance in completing application forms
  • Help in obtaining internal approvals
  • Proposal ‘packaging’ and submission
  • Grant writing workshops and training sessions
  • Award negation
  • Post-award support and assistance

What is a sponsored program?

Sponsored programs are scholarly, professional, and creative activities that Longwood faculty and staff conduct with support from external funds obtained from grants, contracts, cooperative or other sponsored agreements.

How do I submit a proposal to OSPR for review and approval?

All proposals should be routed through Sponsored Programs using the Proposal Approval Form.  The form should be completed in full and reviewed and signed by your department chair, and dean or supervisor. Once signed please forward the PAF along with the following documents to OSPR for review and official university signature.

  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Project narrative (draft)

How far in advance of the deadline does OSPR need the proposal?

All administrative documents, sponsor forms, budgets, and other required documentation, must be received in final format at least five (5) days prior to the sponsor’s deadline.  The project director may continue working on the technical portions of the proposal up to 2 days prior to the deadline.

Can OSPR just review my budget documents without any other proposal documentation?

No. Budget review is just one aspect of OSP’s review of the proposal. All business, administrative, and background aspects (cover page, budget, budget justification, sponsor-required forms, biosketches, checklists, etc.) of the proposal should be submitted in final form.


Can a Project Director send a proposal or grant application directly to an external sponsor?

All outgoing proposals need to go through OSPR for review. This office is responsible for ensuring contractual arrangements are in compliance with federal, state and university guidelines. Review and involvement at the proposal stage helps to avoid issues at the award stage such as using the correct rates (fringe benefits, F&A) and avoiding provisions that cannot be accepted under Commonwealth of Virginia State Law.


What is the difference between the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations?


What is the difference between a grant and a gift?

Private funds supporting research and other projects may be categorized as gifts or grants depending upon the conditions of the award. In general, a gift is awarded irrevocably by an individual or organization to the University without specific expectations and without contractual obligations imposed upon the University. This means there is no specific work plan, reporting requirements, specific budget, or project dates. A grant mechanism, however, binds the University to a specific task (scope of work or proposal), terms and conditions, project dates, budget, and reporting requirements.

What is an RFP? RFA?


What is a DUNS number? What is our EIN number? What congressional district are we in?


What is the difference between a grant and a contract?