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I was born and grew up in Charleston WV.

My father Robert E. Witschey was a Certified Public Accountant, president of the West Virginia Society of CPAs, and president of the American Institute of CPAs.

My mother, Elizabeth T. Witschey was a homemaker, concert pianist, and piano teacher.

My younger sister Sallie is a real estate agent in Charleston.

My wife Joan is from Danville, VA and we have five children. They are

  • Anne Adams, owner, publisher and editor of The Highland and Bath County Recorder in Monterey, Virginia
  • Schon Parris, customer representative for Automated Data Processing in Atlanta
  • Kate Brauner, math teacher at Dominican High School in New Orleans
  • Walter Witschey, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in  Biophysics at UPenn in Philadelphia, and the University of Freiburg, Germany, and
  • Ben Witschey, community volunteer in Farmville

Our children have eleven children's a peek at ten.

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