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2009                      The Virginia rail Policy Institute. http://VaRPI.org

2005                      DNA Research in 2005: Will 2005 be the year of the haplotype map? www.richmond.com January 12, 2005.

2004                      Fast Flying Virginian. www.richmond.com Nov. 29, 2004.

2004                      Whatís Scary about Science? www.Richmond.com November 10, 2004.

2004                      Who cares about Mars? www.Richmond.com October 11, 2004.

2004                      DNA fingerprinting is not just for humans. www.Richmond.com September 28, 2004.

2004                      New fossils suggests early upright bipedalism. www.Richmond.com September 9, 2004.

2001-2003             The Virginia High Speed Rail Development Committee. http://www.vhsr.com  

2001-2004             Report of the Virginia Environmental Education Committee to Governor James Gilmore III http://VEEAC.SMV.org

2001-present          Muyil, an Ancient Maya Site on the East Coast of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  http://Muyil.SMV.org

2001-present          An Electronic Atlas of Ancient Maya sites http://MayaGIS.SMV.org

2001-2007          Strategic Plan of the Science Museum of Virginia http://SMVPlan.SMV.org

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