Intermediate II
Fall 2011

Instructor: McRae Amoss                                                            Office Hours:
Office: Grainger 302                                                                     M 2:00-2:50
Office telephone: 395-2177                                                           W 11:00-11:50
                                                                                                       R 10:50-11:40
                                                                                                      F 9:00-9:50
                                                                                                   And by appointment


Course Description: A course designed to help students develop their skills in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing French and to put these skills to work in a context that recognizes and explores the particularities of French and Francophone culture.


Muyskens, Judith, et al. Bravo: communication, grammaire, culture et littérature.  6th edition. Boston: Heinle Cengage Learning, 2009.

Tell Me More program:

BRAVO! web site .

Useful French Websites

Webtv de TV5

Online dictionary

Grammar Review

Course Objectives:

Students will demonstrate an ability to:

1. Understand the French sound system and put their conversational skills to use in everyday situations.
2. Acquire a vocabulary and master the linguistic structures necessary for performing certain tasks in French, such as engaging, continuing, and terminating a conversation; expressing an opinion; expressing probability; describing in the future; making an hypothesis; making suggestions and concessions; complaining and excusing oneself; asking, giving, and refusing permission; comparing; expressing regret; making reproaches; summarizing.
3. Read and understand texts, watch and understand videos, find and gain information from W3 pages that inform them of or represent certain aspects of life in France or other Francophone countries.
4. Write on an intermediate level in a variety of forms, including letters, essays.

Class Schedule (sous réserve de modification de programme):
Date Leçon A préparer ou étudier A écrire
Aug. 22 Chapitre 6:Leçon 1    
Aug. 24 Leçon 1 Etudiez pp. 220-21; Etudiez pp. 222-25, 227-28; Lisez "L'art de discuter" Register for Tell Me More program, level Intermediate A2, "all skills," "everyday situations" and videos "culture and society"
Exercices, p. 220
Aug. 26 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 232-34; p. 236-37 Rédaction 1: un éditorial--Préparation (voir consignes) ; p. 226:C; p. 229: A
Aug. 29 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 238-39
Tell Me More:

Situations autre que professionnelles [Everyday Situations] : 11. Si on sortait !

Aug.31 Intermède culturel Lisez "L'impressionnisme" (p. 254-55) p. 240: A no.2;  p. 255: A; Rédaction 1: Premier brouillon--1 page complète dactylographiée
Sep.2 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 243-44; p. 247 Tell Me More:

Situations autre que professionnelles [Everyday Situations] : 7. Allô, la météo ?

Sep. 7 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 250 p. 246: B; p. 248: B; p. 251: B
Sep.9 Contrôle (ch. 6)    
Sep. 12 Chapitre 7:Leçon 1 Etudiez p. 262; Etudiez pp. 263-67; 269-71 Exercices, p. 262; Rédaction 1: Version finale
Sep. 14  Leçon 1 Etudiez pp. 270-71 Tell Me More:

Situations autre que professionnelles [Everyday Situations] : 8. Pluie ou soleil

Sep. 16 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 274-77, 279 p. 272: B,C; Rédaction 2--lettre de recommendation/demande d'emploi--1 page complète (M, p.273: Préparation: )
Sep. 19 Leçon 2   p. 278: B (traduction)
Sep. 21 Intermède culturel Lisez pp. 294-96: "L'Union européenne et l'Europe étudiante"; Premier brouillon (p. 282); p. 297: A
Sep. 23 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 283-85, 286-88 Tell Me More:

Actualités : Politique et économie : 2. Le multilinguisme en question

Sep. 26 Leçon 3   p. 288: A; p. 290: C; Révision finale (M. p. 293: à remettre)
Sep. 28 Contrôle (ch. 7)    
Sep. 30 Chapitre 8: Leçon 1 Etudiez p. 304; Etudiez pp. 306-10, 312-14 p. 304: Contradictions
Oct. 3 Leçon 1 Etudiez vocab pp. 308-09 (dictée en classe); Lisez p. 310--prendre des notes p. 315: D (traduction)
Oct. 5 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 317-19, 322-24 Tell Me More:

Situations autre que professionnelles [Everyday Situations] : 9. Préparer un dîner

Oct. 7 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 325-26 p. 324: B; p. 325: C
Oct. 12 Intermède culturel Lisez pp. 341-42 "Les immigrants à l'école du français" p. 327: A; p. 342-43: A, B
Oct.  14 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 329-31, 333-35 Tell Me More:

Actualités : Politique et économie : 6. Quel sort pour les femmes immigrées en Europe ?

Oct.. 17 Leçon 3   p. 337: A; p. 338: C
Oct. 19 Contrôle (ch. 8)    
Oct. 21 Chapitre 9: Leçon 1 Etudiez pp. 350-51; Etudiez pp. 352-55, 356-58 p. 350: Comment?
Oct. 24 Leçon 1 Etudiez pp. 360-61 p. 360: B; Chapitre 9 Cultural Activities: Activité internet 2
Oct. 26 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 364-67; 368-70 Tell Me More:

Situations professionnelles : 2. Retirer de l’argent

Oct. 31 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 368-70; Lisez p. 371: "Les Français et la technologie" p. 370: A
Nov. 2 Intermède culturel Lisez "L'Amitié" pp. 385-87 p. 372: B; p. 387: A
Nov. 4 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 375-77, 379-80 Tell Me More:

Situations professionnelles : 3. Régler une facture

Nov. 7 Leçon 3 Lisez p. 380: "Se renseigner" p. 381: A
Nov. 9 Contrôle (ch. 9)    
Nov. 11 Chapitre 10: Leçon 1 Etudiez pp. 394-400; Lien culturel: "Ne dites pas merci!" Tell Me More:

Situation autre que professionnelles: 12. Au concert

Nov. 14 Leçon 1 Etudiez pp. 401-402 p. 403: B; Visionnez un film français (p. 404: Préparation)
Nov. 16 Intermède culturel Lisez pp. 425-27: "Entretien avec Jeanne Moreau" p. 413: Premier Brouillon; pp. 427-28: A, B
Nov. 18 Leçon 2 Etudiez pp. 405-10 Deuxième brouillon (p. 422--2 pages complètes à remettre)
Nov. 21 Leçon 2 Etudiez p. 410; Lisez p. 412: "Les Français et les sports" p. 410: A; p. 411: C
Nov. 28 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 413-16, 419 Tell Me More:

Actualités : Culture et société : 5. Cinéma

Nov. 30 Leçon 3 Etudiez pp. 419-20;
Lisez p. 418: "Le septième art";
p. 421: A, B; Révision finale (p. 424--2 pages à remettre
Dec. 2 Révision    

Final Exam:  Tuesday, December 6, 8:00-10:30

Course Requirements and Grading:
Homework, including Tell Me More program (20%)
Compositions (10%)
Presence and participation (10%)
Chapter tests (40%)
Final exam (20%)

Grading follows a 10-point scale, such that, for example, 80-82=B-, 83-87=B, 88-89=B+).

Tutoring and Accommodations: The Academic Support Center provides tutoring sessions for French language courses that can be helpful to all students.  The schedule for tutoring is available from the Learning Center.  Students who score below 70 on a chapter test may be required to attend tutoring sessions.  If you have a disability and require accommodations, please meet with me early in the semester to discuss your learning needs.  If you wish to request reasonable accommodations (note taking support, extended time for tests, etc.), you will need to register with the Office of Disability Services (Graham building, 395-2391). The office will require appropriate documentation of disability.

Drop/Add Period and Withdrawal Period: Students may make schedule adjustments (adds and/or drops) until 5:00 p.m. on the sixth day of classes for fall and spring full term courses Students may withdraw from individual classes with a grade of “W” (not computed in the GPA) through 5:00 p.m. on the 35th day of regularly scheduled classes.

Attendance Policy: The attendance policy for this course is the same as the college policy in the college catalogue and the student handbook.

Honor Code: Students are expected to live by the Longwood College Honor Code. All work done for the class must be pledged.

Students are responsible for completing the written exercises they are assigned.   The instructor may take up and grade assignments each day. 

Quizzes and Exams
Quizzes and Exams will be based on work done in class and for homework. They must be taken at the scheduled time except in the case of an excused absence from class (illness, participation in a college-sponsored activity, or recognizable emergency).

Video and Activités internet
Students will complete the activités internet from the Tell Me More program that are assigned.

Cultural Events: Students should seek out and attend cultural events that explore aspects of French and Francophone culture.  Students may be required to attend a certain number.  The instructor will try to announce events in class, but if you find out about something please let the class know. 
2009 Festival de film français

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