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Copyright Gross Creek and Gross Branch Water Monitors

About the Gross Creek Project

The Gross Creek Monitoring Project has received its bulk of funding from the VA Dept of Environmental Quality's Citizen Monitoring Grants.  These grants have continually provided funds for the necessary equipment and consumables to assess pH, NO3 -nitrogen, temperature, and both coliform bacteria and E. coli analyses of our in-town watershed.

You can download a complete excel file that contains all of the collection data, along with pictures of the collection data sites here

This project couldn't exist without the perseverance and persistence of the Biology students at Longwood University.  A very special thanks goes to:


   Christina Stewart,  Heather Carty,
Travis Lankford,  Alyssa Worbetz,
Kim Lueking,  Kaitlyn Nickell,
Adella Summers,  Alanna Flowers
Kaelyn Considine, and  Suzanne Craig





Information About the Project