School Librarianship Program FAQs

I've completed my program.  How do I have Library Media added as an endorsement on my teaching license? How do I order textbooks for my courses?
1.  Go to the Virginia Department of Education Web site at

2.  Print out page 9 of this pdf file, the College Verification Form.

3.  Complete Part I of the form.

4.  Send it to Dr. Connie Ballard, Director, Office of Professional Services, Longwood University.  Dr. Ballard is the University licensure officer.

5.  Dr. Ballard will complete Parts II, III, and IV and return the form to you.

6.  Either you or your employing school division will then submit the form and the required fee to the Virginia Department of Education so that Library Media PreK-12 is added as an endorsement to your teaching license.

1.  Information regarding required and recommended texts for your courses is available from Longwood University Bookstore.   

2.  You may order your texts either from the bookstore or from the source of your choice. 

3.  Should you have questions regarding your textbooks, please feel free to contact your instructor.

How do I set my Student Email to forward to my preferred email address?
1.  Information regarding your Live mail account can be found at 

2.  Instructions for setting your Live mail to forward to your preferred email address can be found at

How do I access the journal articles in the Library's databases from off campus, if I have the article citation? How do I access my grades?


1.  Go to the Longwood Library Web page at

2.  Look to the lower left, under Research.

3. Click on Journal Finder.

4.  Choose to either Find or Browse journals by title, for example, under Browse click on S to locate School Library Monthly.

5.  Scroll down to the journal title, in this case, School Library Monthly. It should show as being available online in several databases, one of which is Education Research Complete.

6. Click on Education Research Complete.  You will be prompted to enter your LancerNetid and password.

7.  Click on the year and then the volume and issue of the journal.  In this case, for example, from your citation, you know that the article is in the January 2010 issue.

8.  Scroll down through the contents of the journal until you locate your article, "Learning for Life:  Applying the AASL Standards," by Franklin and Stephens. 

9.  Typically the article will be available as a PDF file.  You may either save the article, print it, or email it to yourself.

*You can, of course, follow this same process to access any journal article for which you have the citation that is included in one of the databases to which the Longwood Library subscribes.


1.  Login to MyLongwood at to access your grades.

2.  Remember that grade sheets are no longer mailed out.  If your school system needs an official grade report, you can go to the following link and request that an official transcript be sent:



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Last updated July 9, 2014