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The New School Library Standards Education Talk Radio PreK-20 1/4/18
Leadership Spotlight:  Audrey Church--Librarianship and the 21st-Century Leader Follett Corporation Project Connect Spotlight, 8/30/17
Waking Up to the Impact of the School Librarian Interview with Dr. Rod Berger, 7/14/17
School Librarians as Learning Leaders: #SchoolLibrariansTransformStudentLearning Knowledge Quest blog post, 6/19/17
AASL's "Busy and Wonderful Year": PW Talks with Audrey Church Publishers' Weekly, 6/16/17
Advocacy Begins with Each of Us: #Leg2SchLibrary Part II Knowledge Quest blog post, 6/5/17
Administrators and School Librarians:  A Powerful Partnership for Schools and Learning Education Talk Radio PreK-20 5/18/17
NLLD17: The Message, Ask, and Takeaways Knowledge Quest blog post, 5/10/17
Empowering Students with Dispositions Knowledge Quest blog post, 4/17/17
It's School Library Month Education Talk Radio PreK-20 4/5/17
If You Invite a Legislator to the Library... Knowledge Quest blog post, 3/17/17
The Wait is Over! Knowledge Quest blog post, 3/14/17
For the Record:  President's Report AASL's Bi-Annual Newsletter on 
the Business of the Association, 2/15/17
For the Record | AASL President’s Report – Midwinter 2017 Knowledge Quest blog post, 2/15/17
Using Professional Portfolios as an End-of-Program Assessment Longwood Best Practice 2017: Designing the End in Mind
ALA Midwinter 2017: Could ESSA Spark a School Library Renaissance? Publishers Weekly, 1/22/17
An Awesome Array of Opportunities Knowledge Quest blog post, 1/10/17
The Classroom Where Fake News Fails nprEd 12/22/16
AASL: School Libraries and Reading...This Time of Year Education Talk Radio PreK-20 12/13/16
Chase: Warn parents about explicit books Chesterfield Observer, 12/8/16
Challenges and Celebrations: Time to Reflect and Share Knowledge Quest blog post, 12/6/16
As Information Landscape Changes, School Librarians Take on New Roles Education Week 11/8/16
AASL on School Libraries and ESSA Education Talk Radio PreK-20 10/27/16
AASL On the Road for You Knowledge Quest blog post, 10/17/16
Filtering : The Critical Difference Between "All" and "Most" Knowledge Quest blog post, 9/28/16
Filtering : The Critical Difference Between "All" and "Most" Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association, Intellectual Freedom blog post, 9/28/16
Won't You Join Me in Rochester for GAME? Knowledge Quest blog post, 9/12/16
Letter: If Chicago is a 'city of readers,' then it should support its librarians Chicago Tribune, 9/10/16
Removing books akin to 'enforced silence' Chesterfield Observer, 8/24/16
Should School Libraries Offer Extended Hours? ASCD Smartbrief, 8/18/16
Why Don't More School Libraries Help Students Through Extended Hours? Education Week blog, 8/17/16

Ten Things Your Administrator Needs to Know as the School Year Begins

Knowledge Quest blog post, 8/10/16
Shelving LAUSD's School Librarians Would Widen the Learning Gap:  Guest Commentary Los Angeles Daily News, 8/3/16
For the Record:  AASL's President-Elect Report -- ALA Annual 2016 Knowledge Quest blog post, 7/26/16
Working Together as AASL Knowledge Quest blog post, 7/11/16

Library Group Aims to Reeducate Public on Its Profession

Associations Now,  7/2016
Summer Learning for Both Students and School Librarians with AASL Education Talk Radio PreK-20 6/9/16
April is School Library Month Education Talk Radio PreK-20 3/31/16
Tapping into Dr. Church's Recent Publication 2016 Graduate Studies Blog Post
The Officers of the American Association of School Librarians Education Talk Radio PreK-20 02/03/16
School Libraries: What Happened at the AASL National Conference Education Talk Radio PreK-20 11/24/15
Intellectual Freedom and the School Library Education Talk Radio PreK-20 9/24/15
Maria Bristow Starke Faculty Excellence Award 2015 News Releases 9/11/15
AASL School Libraries as the New School Year Begins Education Talk Radio PreK-20 8/31/15
Audrey Church Elected 2016-2017 AASL President Knowledge Quest 5/13/15
Church Elected 2016-2017 AASL President 2015 ALA Press Release 5/11/15
Four Critical Issues Shape Reform Conversation Richmond Times Dispatch Op-Ed by Longwood professors 04/22/14
New Master's Degree Approved for Longwood Program for School Librarians 2014 News Releases 04/01/14
Audrey Church Nominated for Accreditation Committee 2014 Longwood University Insider 02/11/14
Teacher Performance Assessment for Librarians 2012 VAASL Webinar Best Practices for Virginia's School Libraries
Longwood Professors Co-edit American Library Association Publication 2011 Faculty & Staff News 11/22/11
Insights from School Library Leaders in 30 Seconds AASL's Knowledge Quest 30 Second Thought Leadership 11/16/11
Longwood Faculty Member is Keynote Speaker at Conference 2011 Faculty & Staff News 04/25/11
Longwood Faculty Member Publishes Article 2011 Faculty & Staff News 03/31/2011
SASB Approves ALA/AASL Standards ALA News 11/09/2010
Summer Literacy Institute Earns National Recognition Longwood University 2010 News Release 09/14/2010
AASL Lauds Six Programs ALA News  08/27/2010
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