Francisco Javier Fernández Urenda, PhD

Current semester

Spanish 330: Culture and Civilization of Spain consist in a wide perspective of Spain, its culture and its people. History and present of Spain will be reviewed and discussed while focusing in different aspects like art, music, gastronomy, politics, literature and other cultural issues. Special relevance will be given to contemporary Spain and how different civilizations have influenced the 21 st century complex Spanish society. Films, music, writing and discussion will improve your Spanish language skills while learning more about that interesting European country. This class will provide you a strong background to take SPAN 341 in next Fall semester.

Spanish 201: intermediate Spanish I. A class devoted to keep practicing with stuctures, vocabulary, and culture issues that will help students to improve their abilities to communicate in Spanish.

Spanish 202: Intermediate Spanish II. As a last step of the language sequence, you will practice structures that you will need to communicate effectively in Spanish. The class is aimed to help students to develop essential skills like speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish. Even if your Spanish may be a little bit rusty or "oxidado" after the intersession, you will feel comfortable after a couple of weeks practicing and interacting with your classmates in the target language.
Don Quixote in his library, G. Doré

Fco. Javier Fernández Urenda - 2015