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General Education Summer in Spain 2016

May 15-June 15, 2016


       Application & Deposit Deadline:  November 17, 2015           Like us on Facebook!  

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Application forms can be accessed from the "AppForms" button above.     Contact us for details!

Satisfy up to THREE Gen Ed Goals in FOUR weeks!


Meet previous participants, get all of the info!  Come to one of these information meetings!

(All meetings will be in Ruffner 256)

Thursday, Sept. 1:  3:30

Wednesday, Sept. 14:  5:30

Tuesday, Sept. 27:  3:30

Tuesday, Oct. 18:  3:30

Tuesday, Nov. 8:  3:30

Application & Deposit due and First Required Meeting for Participants:  Thursday, Nov. 17 at 3:30


Courses offered (Choose two): 

Goal 7, Goal 10, Goal 13, Liberal Studies Social Sciences requirement or BA language or humanities degree requirement.

Spanish 201 or 202 (Goal 10 or BA degree requirement)
Spanish 302 (BA Humanities requirement and/or Spanish Minor course)

History 100 (Goal 7)  or  History 384
(History major course / Liberal Studies social science)
English 400 (Goal 13)
Goal 9:  Waived!*

*Goal 9 is waived for participation in an "approved international experience".

View course descriptions

Study History, English and Spanish at the beaches of Valencia, site of early Greek and Roman settlements, and medieval stomping grounds of El Cid.  Walk in the footsteps of the surrendering Moorish king Boabdil at the Alhambra palace in Granada; discover secret passages in the castle in Segovia where Queen Isabella married King Ferdinand; imagine you are a sentry defending Sagunto from Hannibal as you contemplate his war elephants coming up the coast and gaze out over the Mediterranean waiting for help from Rome that never arrives. . .

Become proficient in Spanish  while immersing  yourself in a culture rich in history, art and romance. 

This program offers three classes that fulfill general education requirements at Longwood University as well as many other universities.  Students must choose 2 of the 3 classes. 

History and English classes are taught in English, although some of your assignments will involve using Spanish.

2015 Students in Spain

Photos from previous years:

                                 2015 Spain (coming soon!)        

2014 Spain & Portugal            2013 Spain & Greece            

  2012 Spain & Greece       2011 Spain & Greece      2010 Spain & Greece

Why participate in this program?

· Study abroad and immersion in another culture result in enhanced marketability in the job market

· Employers are looking for prospective employees who can speak Spanish and who can look at the world through perspectives gained while interacting with people in other cultures

· Goal 9 is waived:  you save the cost of an entire 3-credit course you never have to pay for!

· You can take 2 Gen Ed courses (in addition to the Goal 9 waiver) in a 4-week program, putting you ahead of the game by next fall

· There is no comparison to standing in the places where history took place, and taking part in everyday life in another culture. 
Your other "classrooms" will never come close!

 What better way to understand how history has shaped our world today than to learn in the very sites where key events took place?  

Living in Spain, you will find yourself using all of your new language skills in real everyday situations, bringing to life your abilities  and  adding to your career potential.   

Group size is limited.   Enrollment deadline is November 19!



Typical daily schedule during the program:

8:00 am  breakfast
9:00 – 2:00  classes
2:00-4:00  lunch with host family
3:00-5:00  siesta; free time; exercise time / or to the beach!
5:00-8:00  accompanied class activities in Valencia or free time
7:30-9:00  free time, homework
9:00 or 9:30  dinner with host family 


Costs:  (Tentative) Program Price of $3,995 includes:

*Round-trip Airfare Richmond-Madrid; private bus to Valencia
*Homestay with Spanish family; hotels in Granada, Córdoba and Segovia
*3 meals per day in Valencia; breakfasts in Granada, Córdoba and Segovia
*Many excursions, visits, tours and cultural activities
*Medical insurance through MAPFRE

 **(This price is subject to change due to currency fluctuations, numbers of participants and other factors.)

**(Tuition is not included in above cost; you will receive a separate tuition bill.)

$650 deposit due with application.     See payment schedule.
Make checks payable to Longwood University

Take payment form to Office of Cashiering, Lancaster
**Please write Cid Account number #81136 on form

Longwood University Scholarship Information
More Scholarship Information

          Estatua del Cid en el Museo del Prado. El Cid


Required Class Meetings
(3:30 in Ruffner 256):
Put these dates on your calendar now!
November 17
anuary 26
February 16
March 16, 30
April 6, 13, 20

Additional Required Class Meetings for Spanish classes:

First required Spanish class meeting:  Choose ONE:
Friday, April 21 at 2:00 OR 3:00    OR    Friday, April 28 at 2:00 OR 3:00

Second required Spanish class meeting:  Choose ONE: 

Mon., May 1, 3:00     OR    Weds., May 3, 2:00 or 3:00 


Spain Map


Your friendly professors, Dr. William C. Holliday and Dr. Lily Anne Goetz 

Program Info:
Deberes (Homework)
Meeting Dates

Costs & Deadlines
Refund Policy
Scholarship info
Course Descriptions

Application Forms:

Complete the first FOUR forms under FACULTY LED PROGRAMS.  Some forms require that you complete and then print; some forms appear with error message; just click OK several times.


 Passport info & application

 Flight & Baggage Info

 Pre-Departure Travel Info
    (luggage; Packing list;
      electrical items; etc.)
 MAPFRE medical insurance

 Trip Cancellation Insurance


          NRIOL Comparisons

 State Dept Registration

 3-1-1 Airport Security

 Money abroad

 Communicating from  Spain to US 

 Responding to Emergencies

 Conduct & Consequences

Contact Info

Dr. Lily Anne Goetz  (434) 395-2158  

Dr. William Holliday
(434) 395-2424


Course Descriptions

Topics in these courses will focus on the history, art, literature and culture of Spain

SPANISH 201. Intermediate Spanish I.  Instructor:  Lily Anne Goetz, Ph.D.
A course designed to help students develop skills in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing in Spanish, and apply these skills in a context that recognizes and explores the particularities of Spanish and Latin American cultures. Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or an appropriate placement test score. Followed by SPAN 202. 3 credits. (Satisfies General Education Goal 10)


SPANISH 202. Intermediate Spanish II.  Instructor:  Lily Anne Goetz, Ph.D.
Students will continue to develop the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing at a higher level, integrating a wide variety of topics and materials from the target culture. Prerequisite: SPAN 201 or appropriate placement test score. Successful completion of this course satisfies the foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree and is prerequisite for upper-level courses. 3 credits. (Satisfies General Education Goal 10 & BA degree requirement)


HISTORY 100: Foundations of Western Civilization.   Instructor: William Holliday, Ph.D.
Overview: Students who complete this course will cover the material described in the catalog description of Foundations of Western Civilization (see below).  Standard procedure for meeting the course objectives for HIST 100 includes the interpretation of primary sources.  Since this course will be taking place in Valencia, special emphasis will be placed on Spanish primary sources, including legal codes, poetry, and letters.  In addition, by locating our course in Valencia we will have unique and exciting opportunities to explore primary sources unavailable in Farmville.  As you know, historians rely on the written word, but we also utilize materials and images as primary sources.  What better way to learn about the history of Western Civilization than by using cathedrals, art, gardens, and even Roman ruins as our primary sources!   


Catalog Description: An introduction to the foundations of Western Civilization from the Dawn of Man through the Reformation, with an emphasis on the political, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural attributes that made this civilization unique.  In the context of this course, students will come to understand the historical development of Western Civilization, relate the development of Western Civilization to that of other regions of the world, and discuss how historical developments influence the present day.  3 credits.  (Fulfills General Education Goal 7).


HISTORY 384:  International Study in Europe.  Instructor:  William Holliday, Ph.D.
Overview:  This course will examine the rich and diverse history of Spain from the pre-Roman era to the late 18th century.  Topics include the Iberos, Roman Spain, Visigothic Spain, Islamic Spain, the Reconquista, the unification of the Crowns, Imperial Spain, the trans-Atlantic commercial system, and more.  As the course will take place in Spain, special emphasis will be placed on understanding the physical remains of these eras (castles, carriages, commercial centers, etc.).


Catalog Description:  This course will provide a short-term immersion in a contemporary culture that will complement historical study and analysis.  Offered during intersession or during the summer.  May be repeated for credit when course topic changes.  May count as an elective but cannot fulfill core requirements of the major.  3 credits.


ENGLISH 400:  Active Citizenship:  An Advanced Writing Seminar.  Instructors:  William Holliday, Ph.D., and Lily Anne Goetz, Ph.D.
Overview:  Students will conduct an interdisciplinary inquiry into topics of Language and Identity, political, social and economic issues in Spain.  Imagine exploring the role language plays in shaping national or gender identities in an international context, by speaking directly with the citizens of a democracy abroad, in their language.  You will explore the role the Valenciano language plays in the politics and society of Valencia and its region.


Catalog Description:  Develops rhetorical skills needed for citizenship in a democracy.  Includes interdisciplinary inquiry into and analysis of at least one significant public issue across all sections.  Prerequisite:  Fulfillment of General Education Goals 2 and 3; 75 credit hours or permission of the Chair of the General Education Committee.  3 credits.  Fulfills General Education Goal 13 (14).


For information:

Dr. Lily Anne Goetz  (  (434) 395-2158  
Dr. William Holliday  (  (434) 395-2424

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences