General Education Summer in Spain and Greece 2013

Topics and Excursions in the courses and tours may include:

  Valencia      Historia/Cultura          Granada           Greece

Sitios en Granada:

La Alhambra

Sitios en Grecia:


Acropolis Musuem


Sitios en Valencia:

 Valencia City Guide  (a lot of info!)            Info Valencia (more info)


La Plaza de l'Almoina, Valencia
                                       Valencia attraction: Almoina                 La almoína    

Plaza de l'Almoina (or Alms Plaza) is a small square situated next to the Cathedral that has gained great importance for hiding some of the greatest archaeological treasures in the city. Excavation in Plaza de l'Almoina started in 1985. Four years later the former building called San Vicente's Jail was demolished, and to everyone's surprise they discovered important remnants of past civilizations: What appeared to be part of a Roman road, a Visigothic funeral chapel, Arab baths, and more. These are just some of the important finds in this plaza. In the archeological site on San Vincente Martir, you will find an audiovisual explanation of this plaza and its archaeological treasures in three alternating languages: Spanish, Valencian or English. This is combined with free visits to the site.

 Palacio de Correos  post01.jpg             Plaza del Ayuntamiento:        
Plaza de la Reina:                           Plaza de la Virgen:  

             Tourist attraction: Serranos Towers
            Torres de Serranos 

Museo de Historia de Valencia:
Museo Oceanográfico:

  Catedral de Valencia

La judería de Valencia    More info la Judería de Valencia, año 1390

Tribunal de las Aguas                      Mercado Central         Opera en el Mercado Central


Sitios Fuera de Valencia:

La Albufera;   Boat ride on the Albufera Lake              Sagunto

  Peñíscola                         View of houses and fortress in Albarracín  Albarracín



Wikipedia Teruel

Los Amantes de Teruel:

Historia y Cultura


      Sector norte. Muralla de Ávila Avila   


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