Archived Comments on Current Events
I frequently update my front page by adding commentary and information on current events.  I do that for two reasons: first, my areas of expertise sometimes can provide information that might clarify matters or otherwise prove informative; second, I sometimes just need an outlet for my own thoughts and feelings.  Much of it is quirky and often is very definitely opinionated.  In the past, I usually deleted such materials once they became stale.  Upon further consideration, I realized some of what I've written - either because of the sheer effort involved or because it is actually good stuff - is worth saving.  Thus, this archive.  Disclaimer: all materials presented here are the sole intellectual property of the author and do not necessarily reflect to the views of Longwood University, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, or the rest of humanity in general.
Dr. David S. Hardin
Assistant Professor of Geography
March 22, 2006


A Tribute to
Columbia (STS-107)

(December 9, 2003)

Operation Iraqi Freedom
(graphs updated 12/18/04;
casualty map updated 10/7/05)

Updated March 22, 2006