GEOG 201
Basic Elements of Geography

Fall 2016

Text: Getis et. al. Introduction to Geography, 14th ed;

ISBN: 9780073522883



GEOG 310

Thinking Geographically

Spring 2017





GEOG 403
Geography of Europe



GEOG 404
Geography of the US and Canada
Spring 2017


GEOG 352
World Regional Geography

Fall 2016 (2 sections)

Text: deBlij and Muller, Geography: Regions and Concepts 16th ed;

ISBN: 9781118673959


GEOG 353
Geography of Virginia
Fall 2016

Text: none; handouts and Canvas content instead


GEOG 495
Historical Geography of North America to 1865


Political Geography


LSEM 100-01

Longwood Seminar for Liberal Studies




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