First Half List for Book Reviews

Ancient Peoples/Cultures

Snell, Daniel. Life in the Ancient Near East.

Aubin, Henry T. The Rescue of Jerusalem: The Alliance Between Hebrews and Africans in 701 bc.

Sicker, Martin. The Pre-Islamic Middle East.

Pollock, Susan. Ancient Mesopotamia.

Kramer, Samuel Noah. The Sumerians.

Richardson, Peter. Herod.

Bickerman, Elias. The Jews in the Greek Age.

Redford, Donald B. Akhenaten: the Heretic King.

Tyldesley, Joyce. Hatchepsut: the Female Pharoah.

Tyldesley, Joyce. Nefertiti: Egypt’s Sun Queen.

Hodel-Hoenes, Sigrid. Life and Death in Ancient Egypt.

Donadoni, Sergio, editor. The Egyptians.

Tarharka, Keita. Black Manhood: The Building of Civilization by the Black Man of the Nile.

Hoyland, Robert G. Arabia and the Arabs: from the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam.

Assmann, Jan. Moses the Egyptian: the Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism.

Brettler, Marc Zvi. The Creation of History in Ancient Israel.

Stiebing, William H. Out of the Desert? Archaeology and the Exodus/Conquest Narratives.

Culture & Society in Antiquity

Edelstein, Ludwig. The Idea of Progress in Classical Antiquity.

Erskine, Adrew. Troy between Greece and Rome.

Wolpert, Andrew. Remembering Defeat: Civil War and Civic Memory in Ancient Athens.

Sacks, Kenneth. Diodorus Siculus and the First Century.

Romm, James. Herodotus.

Marincola. John. Authority and Tradition in Ancient Historiography.

Snowden, Frank. Blacks in Antiquity: Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman Experience.

Nevett, Lisa. House and Society in the Ancient Greek World.

Winkler, John J. The Constraints of Desire: The Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece.

Vernant, Jean-Pierre. Myth & Society in Ancient Greece.

Richardson, Bessie. Old Age among the Ancient Greeks.

Garland, Robert. The Greek Way of Life.

Percival, John. The Roman Villa.

Dupont, Florence. Daily Life in Ancient Rome.

Thompson, Lloyd A. Romans and Blacks.

Zanker, Paul. Pompeii: Public and Private Life.

Davidson, James. Courtesans and Fishcakes: the Consuming Passions of Classical Athens.

Pearson, Lionel. Popular Ethics in Ancient Greece.

Winter, Bruce. Seek the Welfare of the City: Christians as Benefactors and Citizens.

Meeks, Wayne. The First Urban Christians: the Social World of the Apostle Paul.

Graf, Fritz. Magic in the Ancient World.

Ancient Greece

Powell, Anton. Athens and Sparta: Constructing Greek Political and Social History from 478 b.c.

Lintott, Andrew. Violence, Civil Strife and Revolution in the Classical City.

Cartledge, Paul, Paul Millett, and Sitta von Reden, editors. Kosmos: Essays in Order, Conflict, and Community in Classical Athens.

McGregor, Malcolm. The Athenians and their Empire.

Green, Peter. The Greco-Persian Wars.

Langdon, Susan, editor. New Light on a Dark Age: Exploring the Culture of Geometric Greece.

Traill, David. Schliemann of Troy: Treasure and Deceit.

Fontenrose, Joseph. The Delphic Oracle: Its Responses and Operations.

Cartledge, Paul. Sparta and Lakonia.

Cartledge, Paul. The Spartans.

Wilcoxon, George Dent. Athens Ascendant.

The Hellenistic Age

Bosworth, A.B. The Legacy of Alexander: Politics, Warfare, and Propaganda under the Successors.

Bosworth, A.B. Alexander and the East: the Tragedy of Triumph.

Fraser, P.M. Cities of Alexander the Great

O’Brien, John Maxwell. Alexander the Great: the Invisible Enemy

Baynham, Elizabeth. Alexander the Great: the Unique History of Quintus Curtius

Hammond, Nicholas. Philip of Macedon.

Ellis, J.R. Philip II and Macedonian Imperialism.

Vasunia, Phiroze. The Gift of the Nile: Hellenizing Egypt from Aeschylus to Alexander.

Vrettos, Theodore. Alexandria: City of the Western Mind.

Ancient Rome

Salmon, E.T. The Making of Roman Italy.

Wardman, Alan. Religion and Statecraft among the Romans.

Greenhaven, Peter. Pompey: the Roman Alexander.

Goldsworthy, Adrian. The Roman Army at War: 100bc—ad200.

Millar, Fergus. The Crowd in Rome in the Late Republic.

Peddie, John. Hannibal’s War.

Lancel, Serge. Hannibal.

Champlin, Edward. Nero.

Southern, Pat. Augustus.

Levick, Barbara. Tiberius the Politician.

Barrett, Anthony. Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire.

Whittaker, C.R. Frontiers of the Roman Empire: A Social and Economic Study.

Keaveney, Arthur. Sulla: the Last Republican.

Yavetz, Zvi. Julius Caesar and his Public Image.

Everitt, Anthony. Cicero.

Churchin, Leonard. Roman Spain: Conquest and Assimilation.

Beyond Rome/After Rome

Heather, Peter. The Goths.

Heather, Peter. Goths and Romans, 332—489.

Snyder, Christopher A. The Britons.

Hanson, W.S. Agricola and the Conquest of the North

Cleary, Esmonde. The Ending of Roman Britain.

Littleton, C. Scott and Linda A. Malcor. From Scythia to Camelot: A Radical Reassessment of the Legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the Holy Grail.

Higham, N.J. King Arthur: Myth-Making and History.

Laing, Lloyd and Jennifer. Celtic Britain and Ireland: the Myth of the Dark Ages.

De Paor, Liam. Ireland and Early Europe.

Geary, Patrick J. Before France & Germany: the Creation & Transformation of the Merovingian World.

Rankin, H.D. Celts and the Classical World.

Maier, Bernhard. The Celts.

Ellis, Peter Beresford. Celt and Roman: the Celts in Italy.

Schiavone, Aldo. The End of the Past: Ancient Rome and the Modern West.

Goffart, Walter. Barbarians and Romans: the Techniques of Accommodation

Collins, Roger. The Arab Conquest of Spain, 710–797.

Williams, Stephen and Gerard Friell. The Rome that Did Not Fall: the Survival of the East in the Fifth Century.

Cavalla, Guglielmo, editor. The Byzantines.

Brndsted, Johannes. The Vikings

Roesdahl, Else. The Vikings (1998 revised edition!!)

Logan, F. Donald. The Vikings in History, 2nd ed.

Dolukhanov, Pavel. The Early Slavs.

Women’s & Gender Topics

Plummer, John F. Vox Feminae: studies in medieval woman’s song.

Garland, Lynda. Byzantine Empresses: Women and Power in Byzantium ad 527—1204.

Whitehorne, John. Cleopatras.

Spellberg, D.A. Politics, Gender, and the Islamic Past: the Legacy of ‘A’isha bint Abi Bakr

Coon, Lynda. Sacred Fictions: Holy Women and Hagiography in Late Antiquity.

Winter, Bruce. Roman Wives, Roman Widows.

Fuchs, Esther. Sexual Politics in the Biblical Narrative: Reading the Hebrew Bible as a Woman.

Bauman, Richard. Women and Politics in Ancient Rome.

Gardner, Jane. Women in Roman Law & Society.

Evans, John. War, Women and Children in Ancient Rome.

Blundell, Sue. Women in Ancient Greece.

Ellis, Peter Beresford. Celtic Women: Women in Celtic Society and Literature.

Lerner, Gerda. The Creation of Patriarchy.

The Many Flavors of Faith

Parker, Robert. Athenian Religion: A History.

Sissa, Giulia, and Marcel Detienne. The Daily Life of the Greek Gods.

Jones, Prudence, and Nigel Pennick. A History of Pagan Europe.

Rodinson, Maxime. Mohammed.

Watt, W. Montgomery. Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman.

Armstrong, Karen. Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet.

Scheid, John. An Introduction to Roman Religion.

Grant, Frederick. Ancient Roman Religion.

King, Karen. What is Gnosticism?

Elliot, T.G. The Christianity of Constantine the Great.

Russell, James. The Germanizantion of Early Medieval Christianity.

Robinson, Thomas. The Bauer Thesis Examined: The Geography of Heresy in the Early Christian Church.

MacMullen, Ramsay. Christianity & Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries.

Gamble, Harry. Books and Readers in the Early Church: a History of Early Christian Texts.

Le Goff, Jacques. The Birth of Purgatory.

Pagels, Elaine. The Origin of Satan.

Brown, Raymond, and John P. Meier. Antioch & Rome: New Testament Cradles of Catholic Christianity.

The West in the Wider World

Norman Daniel. The Arabs and Medieval Europe.

Cardini, Franco. Europe and Islam.

Military Topics

Ehrenrceich, Barbara. Blood Rites.

Jones, David. Women Warriors.

Santosuosso, Antonio. Soldiers, Citizens & the Symbols of War

Dawson, Doyne. The Origins of Western Warfare: Militarism and Morality in the Ancient World.

Hanson, Victor Davis. The Western Way of War.

Hanson, Victor Davis, editor. Hoplites: The Classical Greek Battle Experience

Mayor, Adrienne. Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World.