Complete Lesson Plan for
Frayer Model

SOL:  4.8   The student will investigate and understand important Virginia natural resources.  Key concepts include: minerals, rocks, ores, and energy sources.

Begin the lesson by handing out a copy of the Frayer Model.  In order to scaffold instruction (guide and build on student's prior knowledge) pass out pictures or actual samples of the key word, crystals.

Today, we are going to learn about crystals.  I am sure that each of you has heard of the word crystal before.  Well, today we are going to learn about crystals in our lesson.  I have handed out  to each group a crystal and some pictures of crystals for you to look at.  I have also handed out to you, a copy of the Frayer Model map that we will be completing as a group.

Make sure you have a copy of the Frayer Model map on the overhead.  This will help students know where to put the information you are modeling for them.

In the center oval of the Frayer Model map, write the word CRYSTAL.  This is the key word or concept of the lesson.

The definition I want my students to remember is "a solid made of atoms arranged in an ordered pattern."

Ask students if they can think of any characteristics of the key word.  Some of the characteristics that I came up with for crystals include: glassy, clear or brightly colored, evenly shaped, patterned, or glimmer/sparkle.  In the box labeled CHARACTERISTICS, I will list the characteristics.

Ask for student input at this point.  Have students offer examples, and write their suggestions on the board or overhead.  Some of the examples I came up with for crystals include: metals, rocks, snowflakes, salt, and sugar.  In the box labeled examples, I will write the following examples.

It is important to include this section, so students will be able to distinguish between what the word is not.  Ask for students input.  Write their suggestions on the board or overhead.  Some of the non-examples I used for Crystals include: coal, pepper, lava, and obsidian.

Now you have a completed map using the Frayer Model.  This map can modified in many ways to accommodate you students.  However, remember it is very important to include examples and non examples of the key word.

For a completed Frayer Model map on CRYSTALS, click here.

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