MUSIC 202/402-11

Instructor: Dr. Charles Kinzer
Office: Wygal 223 (Studio 7)
Office Telephone:  395-2495
Office Hours: as posted
Class Meetings:  T-R/2:00 - 3:15/104 Wygal

Course Description:  A performing ensemble dedicated to the jazz idiom.  Open to all students by audition.  The jazz ensemble rehearses and performs all styles of jazz.  1 credit.  Course may be repeated for credit.

Course Objectives:  Upon completion of the course students will:

 1. Have developed an awareness and understanding of jazz music from early periods
  through the present day.
 2.  Have had concert performance experience of selected works from jazz literature.
 3. Recognize and discuss major achievements in the arts.
 4. Use appropriate vocabulary to describe and discuss artistic achievements.
 5. Understand appropriate technology and techniques for the production of artistic
 6. Explain the cultural and historical contexts of artistic achievements
 7. Recognize and discuss ethical issues associated with the performance of musical works.

Performance Schedule:

Saturday, March 25    Spring concert, Jarman Theatre, 7:30 pm
Thursday - Saturday, March 30 - April 1 Spring trip - UNCW Jazz Festival
Monday, April 24    Concert w/Wind Symphony, Jarman Theatre, 7:30

Other performances TBA

Course Requirements:

ATTENDANCE and ATTITUDE - if you cannot attend a rehearsal notify the director in advance.  MAKE SURE your music folder is available.  If you
cannot contact the director, send a sub!!

Attendance policy:  Attendance is mandatory.

Grading:  Attendance is more crucial in an ensemble than in a general lecture class.  Therefore, great emphasis is placed on attendance.  After one
unexcused absence from rehearsal, further absences will result in the following:
  2 unexcused absences from rehearsal  B semester grade
  3 unexcused absences from rehearsal  C semester grade
  4 unexcused absences from rehearsal  F semester grade
  1 unexcused absence from performance  D semester grade (or lower)

In order to make an A in this class, you must attend all rehearsals and performances (with no more than one unexcused absence), display a good working
attitude, and perform to the best of your ability at all times.  Practice outside of the rehearsal room is expected.

Commendable/Deplorable Clause:  The conductor reserves the right to raise or lower grades if certain commendable or deplorable actions so warrant.
Since the reputation of the entire ensemble can be affected by a single action of an individual, a studentís grade should reflect such an action.

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