FALL 2004

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Kinzer                                                          Class Meetings: M-W 2:00-2:50
Office: Wygal 227 (Studio 3)                                                                       Location: Wygal 107
Telephone: 395-2494                                                                                    

Course Description: Third-semester level keyboard skills for non-keyboard music majors including applications in theory, technique, sight-reading, repertoire, harmonization, transposition, improvisation, score reading and ensemble playing.  1 credit.

Required Text:  Lancaster, E. L., and Kenon D. Renfrow.  Alfred’s Group Piano for Adults, Book Two.  Van Nuys. CA: Alfred Publishing, 1996.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course students will be expected to have achieved specific keyboard skills in the following areas:

   1.) Scales - all major and minor scales, two octaves.
   2.) Arpeggios - major and minor triads, dominant seventh and diminished seventh, two octaves.
   3.) Chords - progressions using primary chords, secondary chords, secondary dominants, modulations to the dominant and relative minor.
   4.) Technique - selected Hanon studies.
   5.) Harmonization/Improvisation - examples using chords studied.
   6.) Reading - solo; one and two-part instrumental scores with transposing instruments; two and three-part choral scores; instrumental and vocal accompaniments.
   7.) Repertoire - appropriate level solo, duet, and ensemble literature.

Course Requirements: Four written Review Worksheets from text     5% of semester grade
   Performance quizzes I, II                                                                 60%
   Mini quizzes                                                                                     10%
   Final exam                                                                                         25%

   Students will be given specific assignments to practice outside of class, and are expected to do so on TRF on the pianos in the practice rooms.

Grading:  92-100 = A;   83-91 = B;   74-82 = C;   70-73 = D;   below 70 = F.
   The semester grade is based on completion of all coursework.

Attendance:  Since this is a “hands-on” course, regular attendance is crucial.
   4 absences lowers the semester grade by one letter grade.
   8 absences lowers the semester grade by two letter grades.
   No quiz may be rescheduled, therefore missing a quiz will result in a 0 for  that grade.  Mini, or “pop” quizzes, will not be made up.  5 points will be deducted for each day written work is turned in late.

Honor Code:  Students are expected to live by the Longwood Honor Code.  All work must be pledged.