MUSIC 181-182, 281-282, 381-382, 481-482

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Kinzer                                                               Office: Wygal 227 (Studio 3)
Telephone: 395-2494                                                        

Course Description: One-hour, private lesson weekly, plus related studio classes, juries, and departmental recitals.   2 credits.

Required Texts: Students will be required to obtain scores for studied repertoire either by loan through the library or more preferably, purchase by the student.   Repertoire will be chosen according to the individual needs of each student.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course the student will:
   1.) have an increased knowledge of the solo piano literature.
   2.) be able to perform standard college-level repertoire.
   3.) understand the discipline and commitment necessary for successful performance at the piano.
   4.) achieve proper technical execution through etudes and repertoire.
   5.) realize the demands made of professional performers
   6.) have experience accompanying vocalists/instrumentalists

Course Requirements:
• Students are expected to come fully prepared to every lesson, promptly at their assigned time. 24 hours notice must be given for a missed lesson, and make-up lessons will be given at the discretion of the instructor, according to the needs of each student. Regular, consistent weekly practice is essential for progress at the instrument. You will have specific goals to meet between lesson; two hours daily practice is recommended.
• Students are required to attend regularly and perform (as assigned) in weekly studio class and on one departmental recital per semester (MUSC 181 students are exempt from this requirement). Attendance of all departmental recitals is expected.
• Three memorized pieces (or movements) of contrasting style will be offered for the final jury.
• Students are encouraged to attend concerts by faculty, guests, and fellow students.
• All students enrolled in MUSC 282-32 will be responsible for a Sophomore Promotional Jury in lieu of a final jury. Pianists will perform 2 of their 3 prepared pieces (chosen by the faculty) and deliver an oral presentation on the repertoire, composers, and style periods. The jury will last 20 minutes and be presented to the full music faculty. Students must receive a passing grade on the Promotional Jury in order to enroll in MUSC 381. Failure to pass the jury can result in removal from the music program.
Grading: The semester grade will be based on:
Student’s preparation for and performance at the weekly lesson 30%
Grade estimate studio performance 20%
Second graded studio performance (1 memorized composition) 20%
One departmental recital performance 10% (30% for 181 w/o Departmental Recital)
Final jury 20%

Attendance:  Two unexcused absences will automatically lower the student’s grade by one letter.  Four unexcused absences will result in a final grade of F.

Honor Code:  Students are expected to live by the Longwood Honor Code.  All work must be pledged.

Schedule:  All students in section 32 will attend and perform in studio class in addition to their private lessons.  Studio class will meet in the Recital Hall on Fridays at 3:00.  If you must miss Studio Class for any reason, contact me in advance.  An absence from Studio Class is counted as an absence from your applied lessons.