MUSIC 171, 172, 271, 272; 155, 156, 255, 256

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Kinzer                                                               Office: Wygal 227 (Studio 3)
Telephone: 395-2494                                                                 E-mail:
Office Hours: M - 10:30-11; T - 3:30-4:30; W - 10:30-11; R - 2:30-3:30; F - 10:30

Course Description:     One half-hour private lesson weekly, plus related studio classes, juries, and
                                    departmental recitals.    1 credit.

Required Texts:           Students will be required to obtain scores for studied repertoire either by loan
                                    through the library or more preferably, purchase by the student.

Course Objectives:     The goals of secondary applied lessons are:

•to develop the students’ keyboard skills beyond the level of the proficiency;
•to increase the student’s technical ability to read, play, and memorize appropriate level piano literature.

Course Requirements:
Students are expected to come fully prepared to every lesson, promptly at their assigned time.  24 hours notice must be given for a missed lesson, and make-up lessons will be given at the discretion of the instructor, according to the needs of each student.  Regular, consistent weekly practice is essential for progress at the instrument.  One hour per day is recommended for secondary students.

By midterm, students will have at least one composition memorized and a second piece “performance ready,” not necessarily memorized.  By the final jury, students will offer two pieces from memory.

Students are invited to attend regularly and perform (as assigned) in weekly studio class.  Students are encouraged to perform on departmental recitals.

Students are encouraged to attend concerts by faculty, guests, and fellow students.

Grading:  The semester grade will be based on:
The student’s preparation for and performance at the weekly lesson (40%)
Grade estimate studio class  performance (20%)
Final jury (20%)
Late semester studio class performance (20%)

Attendance:              Two unexcused absences will automatically lower the student’s grade by one letter.
                                    Four unexcused absences will result in a final grade of F.

Honor Code:          Students are expected to live by the Longwood Honor Code.  All work must be pledged.

Suggested Repertoire List:

  All scales, major and harmonic minor, two octaves. Chord progressions, sight reading, harmonization and transposition (see Piano Proficiency).
  Additional technical exercises derived from studied repertoire, or according to the specific needs of the student.

Baroque: Two short movements or compositions per semester.
  J. S. Bach Short Preludes and Fugues
  Handel  Harpsichord Suites
  Purcell  Keyboard Suites
  Rameau Gavotte and Variations

Classical: One sonatina per semester.
  Mozart  Six Viennese Sonatinas
  Haydn  Sonatinas
  Beethoven Sonatinas
  Clementi Six Sonatinas

Romantic: One or two short compositions per semester.
  Schubert Waltzes, Ländler
  Schumann Album for the Young, Scenes from Childhood
  Chopin  Selected Waltzes, Preludes, Mazurkas
  Brahms Op. 39 Waltzes

20th Century: One or two short compositions per semester.
  Bartók  For Children, Mikrokosmos, vol. 1-3
  Stravinsky The Five Fingers
  Kabalevsky Pieces for Children, Op. 27 and 39
  Persichetti Little Piano Book, Op. 60