I spent five weeks in Peru, primarily in Cusco.  I spent the first three weeks attending a spanish immersion school in Cusco and stayed with a host family.  After the immersion school, I joined a trekking group for 4 days to visit Machu Picchu.  After that time, I took a bus to Puno to visit Lake Titicaca.  The last 5 days in Peru were spent traveling (flying) to Iquitos via Lima and spending the remaining time in the Amazon Rainforest.

The attached pictures are a photographic depiction of places visited on my trip.

This picture is taken from the "sun gate" looking down into Machu Picchu.  The road that zig zags down the mountain is the road where buses bring tourists who have taken the train from Cusco.  After trekkers have hiked 4 days to Machu Picchu, most people take the bus down to the village and take the train back to Cusco.

Another shot of Machu Picchu.  The diamond shape peak in the background is called Huayna Picchu,
a steep a narrow walk up from the Macchu Picchu ruins.  It takes, on average, 1.5-2 hours round trip to climb Huayna Picchu.

The is the name of the lodge that I stayed when traveling in the Amazon.  It took about a 3 hour speed boat ride from the shores of Iquitos along the Amazon river to get to this remote area of the Amazon jungle.

This is another shot from the interior of the lodge system where McCaw birds roam freely and talk with the guests.

This tree is called a "Giant Siquoia" of the Amazon jungle.

It is common to see young children canoeing their own "dug out" boats to travel to other villages and catch fish for the family.

It is tradition for young boys to go out in early morning to catch fish for their family for the day using a fork-like instrument to spear the fish.