Integrated Arts/Music
Goes to Costa Rica

Summer II, 2009


Anticipated expenses will be approximately $2,500 and will include the following: airfare, home stays with breakfast and dinner, two cultural tours and the city tours. This cost estimate is based on current airfare rates and other current costs. The amount could vary a bit, but this will be one of the most economic choices among Longwood's international offerings for summer 2009. We are waiting for further cost information from the host institution in Costa Rica. this paragraph will be updated as further information arrives.

Costs not included in the above price are the following: lunches, activities for the two days off, personal expenses and Longwood tuition and fees for the course.

A deposit of $500 will be due on November 15 for students participating in this program.

Extra cost saving opportunity: If you have not already taken a course that satisfies General Education Goal #9, the experience gained through this course will exempt you from that goal requirement, resulting in a significant savings of tuition and on-campus fees.

posted on 9/12/08