Integrated Arts/Music
Goes to Costa Rica

Summer II, 2009


The language in Costa Rica is Spanish.  We chose this location for this class for two reasons.  First, many Longwood students choose Spanish to fulfill their General Education Language requirement.  Second, Liberal Studies students who plan to teach in Virginia will probably have more ESL students whose first language is Spanish than any other language.  Also, Costa Rica is a very welcoming place to Americans.

No specific proficiency in Spanish is required for this experience.  Students will live with host families, most of whom will speak little or no English.  Longwood students who have little Spanish will want to choose a roommate who has completed at least the 102 level of Spanish.  And everyone will want to bring a Spanish/English dictionary.  Don’t be intimidated, if your Spanish is weak. Your instructor survived two weeks there last summer in the beginning level Spanish class.

posted on 9/12/09