Chapter 1 – A Musician’s Life in Teaching
1. Which story speaks to you and why?

2. Explain: “ artistic form that is both personally expressive and socially meaningful.
            Explain: “Musicians who can, teach.”
            Explain the “fall-back view.”
4. What is the teaching/transmission connection?

    "Not all musicians are meant to teach music."    combination of musical proficiency and pedagogical skills           
5. Breaking Point – discuss -- relate to your ESSAY: "Why Teach, Why Music, Why Me?"

6-8. Compare your own story with one (or more) of these stories.
10. “A teaching certificate, granted by a state board of education at the conclusion of a program of preparation, is more a learner’s permit than a capstone.”  Explain.

“Methods courses provide the rationale and context for teaching, ideas for the musical content of classes, the instructional materials and media, and the pedagogical techniques, but the art of teaching music can be fully learned only in/by doing it.”

11. What is the “nature / nurture” argument?
13. What are “musical” and “teacherly” qualities”  Be sure you can give some examples.
                        Knowledge and skill.  Ability to communicate and inspire.   And..?
12-13. Consider the charts.

14."Like music making, music teaching is a complex act."   Explain (Explain means to give more information, not to say something like "because you have to know a lot of things.")
15. “The journey from musician to music teacher requires self-knowledge, musical convictions and knowledge of others.”
            The four-year degree is the information gathering and planning process.
            Define “to teach.”