Chapter 8 - The Choral Classroom

145 "Choral music education has its roots in informal community singing and in music for the church."

147 Goal of the curriculum…comprehensive education as performers, listeners and creators of music with choral music as the medium….

       " Warm-ups should be thought of as a group voice lesson where the fundamentals of singing are reinforced and tied to the challenges of the literature.  Explain this statement and give an example.

148 Warm-ups - establish a supported sound, increase flexibility and build long-term vocal technique.

         Be prepared to talk about the boys changing voice or "break" during adolescence. Do girls' voices change?

149 Comprehensive choral program - fundamentals of music including the skills of music reading, stylistic awareness, critical listening and expressive performance.

        Challenge of music reading ---singing is intuitive and students can learn so much music so quickly by ear

150 Explain: “The choir teacher should begin with the sound of the music before the symbol.”

Explain: “The process of imitation provides the means for connecting familiar sounds to the new symbols that are needed for music reading.”

152 Choosing appropriate repertoire
       students' ability level - strengths and weaknesses
       variety of musical challenges
       balance of difficulty
       of styles and cultures
       of tempos….
       What else?
       Be sure to study the questions on p. 154

154 What is tessitura, and why is it important?  What is the difference between tessitura and range?

155 “From a curricular standpoint, the large mixed choir is where the fundamentals of choral singing…are taught and developed.”

156 The small select choir: additional challenges for the more advanced students

         What are the other normal choral ensembles?

161 Profile of success:
       understanding of how to communicate with students
       set of strong musical skills
       avoidance of a “one size fits all” approach
       willingness to seek help when needed
       understanding of the importance of musical excellence and the
       commitment required to achieve it.

Knowledge of the singing voice and strong keyboard skills