Chapter 9 - Of School Bands, Orchestras and Jazz Ensembles

166 “Instrumental music is one of a school's most expensive enterprises.” Why?Give specifics.

167 “An instrumental music educator is expected to have expertise in a variety of performance arenas.” Expand on this idea.

168 Talk about “peak performance.” What are the determining / influencing factors.

169 Becoming an Instrumentalist: from singing, moving, listening and responding to a new more challenging opportunity.

The instrumental music teacher must assemble a class of beginning students that will provide a solid future for the band or orchestra program.

170 “It is the teacher's job to decide what instruments will be available for selection and how that selection will be made?” What factors must be considered? How will you guarantee a balances instrumentation in the high school band?

172 “…program that includes multiple potential entry points for new instrumentalists can continue to grow.” Explain and give examples.

174 Primary instrumental ensembles
       Large/concert: orchestra, band, wind ensemble, etc.
       Jazz ensemble(s)
       Marching band
       Small Ensembles - such as???

177 “…the marching band commands more public attention than virtually any other segment of a school's academic curriculum…. …sometimes results in music being seen as 'un-academic.'” What are the implications of this for academic quality, internal funding, etc.? What are the other questions that need to be asked with regard to this?

182 “At its heart, the study of an instrument is about the development of fine motor skills and a high level of aural discrimination.”

183 Successful instruction is based on careful selection of materials:
       simple pieces that provide repeated practice of basic skills
       pieces that push students' technical skills to higher levels
       pieces that introduce core repertoire
       pieces that stretch students' knowledge of musical form and structure
       pieces that expand students' experience of the musical world around them

In addition to performance proficiency the teacher must also teach musical literacy. What does this mean?