Chapter 10 - All the Rest of the Music

188 “Students are frequently interested in learning to play an instrument, but not always an instrument that is found in school bands and orchestras.”

Be prepared to talk about two or three of the performance opportunities described on pp. 189-206.
       What would be involved with that performance course or ensemble?
       How would you fit it into your ideal curriculum?
       What would be the advantage of including it in our curriculum?
       What would be the challenges ? Personnel, logistics, etc.

What about nonperforming musical opportunities at the secondary level? Be prepared to discuss one of the courses mentioned on pp. 206-209.
       What sort of students do you expect would enroll?
       How well prepared will you be to teach this course?
       How will it fit with the performance courses? What impact will or could it have on them?
       What other related issues do you think will be important?