Chapter 15 - Out in the Field: Look-Listen-Learn

277 Discuss the relationship between the university theory-based courses and the experiences in the field.

278  What can you learn from observing one child or a group for a period of time? Check the Practicum observation sheet.

282  Where are the music rooms usually located? Advantages? Disadvantages?

285  What about your own musicianship? Why is it important to maintain your skills? What new musical skills will you have to develop?

287  What is "pedagogy?" Example?

291  What are the attributes of a professional teacher?

dresses appropriately
is well groomed, neat and clean
uses a vocabulary that is rich in musical terms and descriptive language
avoids street talk and slang
is punctual
knows the regulations of the district and the school
doesn't spread gossip
continues her/his education
attends professional meetings
joins professional societies
reads professional literature

What else????

297  What are "itinerant teachers?" Why is it important for you to understand this concept?

posted on 4/8/10