Chapter 16 - A Teacher's Life in Music

300 “For those who major in music education, there is a dual purpose in their course of study: to maximize their performance abilities while developing their teaching skills. They dance between the two worlds of music and education.”

301  What are the points of decision making and why are they important?

302  What were your childhood and adolescent musical experiences? Did you play teacher?

303 "...participation in school music activities became their very identity."

Was that you? What were the effects
How will you watch for this in your students
When you see it, then what?
What about the disconnect between the pleasure of music and a career in music?

305 “The study of methods assumes strong musical skills, so that teaching behaviors can be layered over comprehensive musicianship.”

Methods “courses are introductory to the complexities of music teaching, setting frameworks for further discovery in the field experiences that are integrated within the program.”

306 What are internships?  What is the purpose of internships?  What are the stages of internships?   Immersion?

310 What is your five-year plan?

Consider questions on p. 310

Talk about planning. (prep for the interview)

“…balance of what is with what could be.”



-What does it mean - “to teach?”

-Journey from one side of the desk to the other. Think of other metaphors for the teacher preparation experience.