Introduction to Music Education   --   Final Exam

Interview Schedule

Most likely during exam week.
Sign up for a time on the posted schedule.

Some likely interview topics:

Your essays, "Why I Want to Teach Music" and "My Philosophy of Music Education
Your perspectives on the most important issues facing music education
Musician first, educator second or educator first, musician second?
What is your ideal teaching situation?

This is a professional interview, so you will want to dress and behave in a professional manner.


updated on 1/14/14


Some other questions to consider as you prepare for the interview:

Is there a special moment when music clicked for you? What drew you in?
What do you look forward to the most as you take over your classroom or ensembles?
How would you articulate a defense against someone who wants to cut music?
How do the fine arts build character?
What do ou see as your greatest challenges?