Multiple Intelligence - Lesson

You have been divided into groups of 3-5 for your presentation to the class. Your assignment is to choose or compose a short piece of no more than 16 measures to present to the class. Create a plan for teaching the rhythm and other musical aspects of the piece through activities that reach student preferences in two of the following areas of intelligence (from Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence):


Isolate and address only two frames of intelligence (plus music, of course).

Be prepared to explain your objective (vision) and to describe the steps (actions) that you will take to achieve the objective. Each step should focus on at least one area of intelligence from the list above.

Always know what you expect to achieve - the vision or objective - before you begin teaching a lesson - the action. You will have only 3 minutes for your presentation, so plan to be efficient and use all the best talents of your group.

Be prepared to identify the two intellegences you are targeting and to explain your thinking to the class after your presentation. You will present an information sheet to your instructor ahead of time so she can be in on your thinking as you do the presentation.

updated on January 25, 2012