MUSC441 - Elementary Music Methods and Materials

Teaching Musicianship

Guidelines for 4-5 minute peer-teaching experience


1.  The lesson should focus on one or two (no more than two) musical objectives:

- Required objective: some aspect of one musical element (rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre, expression)
- Optional objective: a.) a second aspect of the same musical element, b.) hint of another element, c.) brief connection to another subject.

2. Choose a song upon which to build this lesson. (Using a song to support your objective(s) is required.) Identify your musical objective(s) first and then select a song that will support the objective(s).

3.  Written plan should include the following:

- Grade level; SOL; General objective which matches the SOL
- Specific objectives (no more than 2) and procedures (several or many for each specific objective)
- In the procedures, identify at least one step as relevant to one of the methods we studied in Chapter #4.
- Include "Opening," "Evaluation" and "Materials" at the bottom of the page. You may omit the closing, assignments and provision for individual differences at this point.

The lesson plan form can be found on your web page. You will want to copy it into a word file so that you can add your plan.

4. Other Preparation: Think of this as a segment of a larger lesson, since you have only 4-5 minutes to carry it out.  

5.  Preparing the class before you begin:

Please hand a copy of your plan to the instructor before you begin.
Before you begin tell your peer group the following:

a.) what grade level this is;
b.) what you assume that they already know as they begin this lesson segment. (You may want to hand out a printed score for the MUSC441 class to use, if you want to assume that you are working with a class of children who already know the song.)


Teaching Musicianship
Schedule for Fall 2015

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