MUSC441 - Elementary Music Methods and Materials

Guidelines for Peer-Teaching Lesson

Objective: to present and lead a well organized music lessons, with your peers in this class participating as if they were a specific elementary grade level (identified by you). Each lesson will support at least one SOL objective, MENC Standard #1 and one other MENC Standard identified by you.

Duration of each lesson:

10-12 minutes

Grade level:

First or Fourth - You must use one of the series books provided in the classroom.


- Series book (Indicate book and page number under "materials" on your lesson plan.)
- Choose a song, as the foundation of your lesson.
- Consider teaching suggestions provided in the Series Book.
- Bring in your own creative ideas.
- Rely on your previous musical experience and your imagination to organize activities around the piece(s), so that you will accomplish your objectives.


1. Use the standard lesson plan that is posted on your web page.
2. Choose grade level and SOL you plan to address (SOL usually provides general objective.)
3. Choose a song that will support study of the SOL
4. Develop specific objectives (should be a subset of the SOL)
5. Identify the process through which you will guide the students to achieve the specific objectives.
6. Plan the assessment. How will you know if the children meet the specific objectives that you have set out for them?
7. Plan (specifically) your opening and closing activity.
8. Account for the remaining information required on the Lesson Plan form.
9. Include MENC Standard #1 (Singing and Playing) and one additional MENC Standard. In the addendum to your lesson plan describe how your specific objectives reflect that additional MENC Standard.
10. As an addendum to your lesson plan describe how your procedures reflect at least one of the methodologies included in your text in chapter 3.

Some things to think about:

- Be sure that you think through your lesson carefully. Practice it in your head or with a friend, and assume several different scenarios.
- Be sure to consider the appropriateness of each activity to the grade level.
- Think about how long you can spend on one activity.
- Think about the sequence of events and the possible outcomes (including possible surprises) of each directive you plan to give.
- Plan ahead for the use of props, instruments, technological support, etc. Have everything ready BEFORE you begin your lesson. You may get into the room before the class period to get ready. (I'll be in my office. Come get the key.)

Last updated: 9/20/15