MUSC441 - Elementary Music Methods and Materials

Piano Competency

Guidelines for performance / presentation

The objective of this activity is for you to prove that you can successfully accompany a song in the elementary classroom. You may use whatever style of accompaniment that you prefer, as long as you successfully support the singing of the song by the class.

Some things to Consider:

If it is an unfamiliar song, you may want to play or sing the melody as well as improvising an accompaniment.
Be sure to consider the style of the song as you chose the style of your accompaniment.
Know yourself.  Don't try to do something more difficult than you can manage.

Choose one song from each category and plan to complete your performance on or before the deadline date: (Page numbers refer to the songbook in your notebook.)

October 6, 2015

Old Brass Wagon - p. 21
Looby Loo - p. 18
Muffin Man - p. 20
Clementine - p. 3

October 29, 2015

Over the River - p. 24
Old MacDonald - p. 21
Simple Gifts - p. 28
Yankee Doodle - p. 38

November 17, 2015

Erie Canal - p. 7
Shenandoah - p. 27
America the Beautiful - p. 41

Rubric for Evaluation:

  Not Acceptable Meets Target Standard  
Harmonic Support Does not support singing Supports and encourages singing  
Rhythmic Accuracy Does not support singing Supports and encourages singing  

Updated - 8/12/15