Elementary Music Methods and Materials

Guidelines for Research Projects


Preparation: Choose at least two sources, in addition to your text, on the assigned subject. These sources may be journal articles, chapters of books, reputable web sites, etc. Use more sources, if necessary or desirable. Become familiar enough with your subject that you can have a substantive discussion with an expert. Be prepared to make statements, interpret statements and ask questions about the subject.

In-Class Presentation: Come to class prepared to present a 3 minute summary of your findings on this subject. At the beginning of each seminar period several students will make a formal presentation to get the discussion started. Please come prepared to make a presentation each time. Presenters will not be announced ahead of time. If you are not selected, you will have plenty of time to share your materials as part of the discussion.

1. Presentations by two class members of their research (both articles or focusing on one)
2. Questions from the class to the two presenters
3. Opportunity for the non-presenters to share important bits from their research
4. Guest expert will comment on the discussion up to this point.
5. Discussion opens for free exchange among the expert and class members.

Written Documentation: This paper should be done in three parts - two to be completed before the class meeting (the seminar) and one to be completed after the seminar - and should be included in the final notebook.

Part I-Summary of the Research:

About 1-2 pages summarizing the findings from your research. This should include information you plan to present during the seminar. The format of this section may be paragraphs or a set of bullets, and it must be easily understood by the reader.

Part II-Bibliography of your Research Sources:

This should be in proper bibliographic form. (Insert immediately after Part I. Do not print on a separate sheet.)

Part III-Reflective Essay:

About one page to be written as a review of the seminar. This should summarize the discussions, focusing on ideas and materials not included in Part I of this document. (Insert immediately after Part II. Do not print on a separate sheet.)

The format of your paper should include the following: standard font (ariel, Helvetica, etc.) 10 or 12 point type, double spaced text, proper form for bibliographic citations (double spacing between entries, single spacing within each entry).

The heading of the paper should be single spaced, at the upper right corner of the first page and include the following information:

(the title of the seminar / paper)
(your name)

Tentative Schedule of Seminars:

September 3- Music as an important part of the total learning for children - T. Kidd
October 1 - Special Learners in the Music Classroom - TBA
October 27 - Legal Issues in Music Education - TBA
November 24 - TBA

revised on 8/12/15