Presenting a Project/Program/Issue to the School Board

Final Exam - Advocacy Project


The Situation (choose one of these two):

Wyandot County Schools: two elementary schools - Mohawk Elementary and Melmore Elementary - each with about 600 students, including grades Pre-K through 5. The Principal of Mohawk Elementary( Ms. Mozart) is present at this hearing, and the Principal of Melmore elementary is not able to attend this meeting, but is fully in support of your proposal.

Seneca County Schools: two of five Elementary Schools - Bloomville Elementary and Wynford Elementary (and Marion, Weston and Columbus Elementary Schools, not included as presenters) - each with about 500 students, including grades Pre-K through 4. The Principal of Bloomville Elementary (Ms. Chopin) is present at this hearing, and the Principal of Wynford Elementary is not able to attend this meeting, but is fully in support of your proposal.

In addition, in Seneca County one of the following is true (you choose which one):

1. This is an experimental project/program/issue which will include only your two schools and not the other three elementary schools in your county.
2. This is a pilot project/program/issue which will start in your two schools and, if successful, will expand to the other three elementary schools.
3. This is a project/program/issue for which you are representing all the elementary schools in your request. The other three music teachers and principals are full partners in the project/program/proposal and are counting on you to represent them well.


The Project, Program or Issue (The Advocacy):

Plan a program, project or other issue in one of these categories:

Ask for resources to support the music program or a specific music project.
Ask for an institutional change to facilitate improvement in the music program or a specific music project
Make a request regarding other appropriate issue that could positively affect the music program.

Collect important information such as, who will take responsible for what, the budget figures, time and personnel requirement, the impact on students and others, etc.

Budget summary should be included with the executive summary.

Be sure that you can show who will benefit. Will it be the children, the reputation of the school, the community, other??

This should be the core of your presentation. (Include an outline of who will address what with your executive summary.)


The Executive Summary:

Prepared for the School Superintendent so she can introduce you and your presentation.

Due by noon of the day prior to the presentation. Please send as an attachment to an e-mail message to These will be delivered to the person acting as your school superintendent prior to your presentation.


School Names
Teachers' names
Title of the presentation
Description, summary - 2-3 sentences
Who will benefit or Why is this important? - 1-2 sentences

Two items must be included with your executive summary: 1. Budget and 2. Outline of Presentation (separated by presenter)


The Presentation:

The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. X, will be the one introducing your project/program/issue to the School Board. She will make a brief statement, based on the Executive Summary that you will prepare for her, and you will present your case. After she introduces you, each team member will have five minutes to present strong, convincing arguments for your project/program/issue. (Each team will have a total of ten minutes and the responsibility for presentation of information should be evenly divided in whatever way is appropriate to the subject and the presenters.)

You may want to use supporting materials, such as handouts, Powerpoint presentation, etc. You are confined to a small room, but musical examples (if brief) would be acceptable. For example, if you are asking for Orff instruments, you may want to bring one (perhaps borrowed from a neighboring county) to demonstrate the sound, and reinforce the importance of the program.

Be sure to speak clearly and with confidence. If you don't appear to believe in and be a strong advocate for your project/program/issue, you probably won't convince anyone else.

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