Songs in Book Form - Big Books

Format: large illustrated book that can be seen by at least 20 children at once. Fasten or bind as a book.

Length: at least 4 verses


Choose a children's song or a folk song that tells a story and can be divided by verses or lines into the pages of the book. Some other songs, such as counting songs, may be an appropriate alternative to a story song. Choose a song that is appropriate for this activity, not just your "favorite song of all time." Be sure to discuss your song choice with your instructor before you begin the project. NOTE: Choose a standard children's song or folk song. Do not choose a piggy back song, such as "On Top of Spaghetti."

Illustrate each pair of pages to reflect the text of one verse. You may use whatever artistic medium (media) that you choose, as long as your work/product results in a usable book. (See "Ready References" 6.6 - 6.11 in your text for ideas.) Work toward a consistent appearance throughout the pages of your book.

As you design and produce your masterpiece, be sure to consider the "Visual Art Elements" and the "Art Concepts and Design Principles," as described on p. 236 of your text. Construct your work in a manner that addresses at least two items from each list, and be prepared to explain and justify your choices.

Include a print copy of your song as the final page of the book, as in the examples you are reviewing for your bibliography. Remember a "song" is not just the words. You must include the musical notations well.

We will read and perform each book during class.

Note: Be prepared to discuss your perspectives, motivations and techniques in class on the day the project is due.

Presenters - Teams and Individuals - for October 1, 2015


  Creativity, Imagination, originality
  Organization, Neatness, Compliance with guidelines
  Reflection of the song's text (appropriateness of the art)
  Consistency throughout the verses
  Use of Art Elements and explanation
  Use of Art Concepts and Design Principles and explanation
  Easy to use
  Presentation to the class

Updated on 8/12/15