Essay - Creating Meaning Through the Arts in 2015

The heading should appear single spaced in the upper right hand corner of the first page and should include the following:

Your Course Number (MUSC448 or MUSC548)
Creating Meaning Through the Arts in 2015
(Your name)

Do not include a cover sheet.


Text Format: double spaced, 10 or 12 point type, 1" margins, in a standard font (such as Ariel, Helvetica, Times New Roman)
          Use "Word." Canvas doesn't like some of the other software as well, and you want to be sure that your work gets recognized.

Length: 2-3 pages

Content: The paper should be constructed in two distinctive parts to include the following:
          1. Description/discussion of one or more points in chapter 1 or 2 of the Cornett text.
          2. Your interpretation and possible application of that (those) point(s).

Note: Focus on the advantages of arts education, not on the limitations of other systems, such as testing systems.

Note: Be prepared to discuss your perspectives in class on the day the paper is due.

Updated on 8/12/15