Songs to Reinforce Early Language Learning

This project should be done either as a solo or a duet and not part of your regularly-assigned groups.
The songs you compose should be appropriate for early language learning at about the Kindergarten level or ELL - L1.

Format: one page (one page only) including the five components listed below.


1. Song: Music (with the notes and text).  Select A or B *

A. Choose a children’s song and add several verses
B. Write a piggy-back song with several verses

    Be sure you present at least three verses and indicate how you could add more.

2. Language Objectives: identify the language concepts and/or skills you plan to address.  Make this appropriate for preK-1 or first year ESL. (If you have another idea, check with your instructor before following through with it.)

3. Process: Description of the process for developing the activity and achieving the desired results.

4. Assessment: One sentence about how you will evaluate the results as relates to #2 above.

5. Credits: The names of the authors (That’s you.).

*Some Subject Ideas (compliments of Prince Edward Elementary School teachers):

Attributes - 3 things about an object
Functions - What is a ______ for?
Associations - E.g.: pillow and bed. Why?
Categories - Name three things that fly
Fill in the blank - Can you tie your _____?

Note: These may be photocopied to share with other members of the class.


Evaluation (4 points):

Format (1)
Usability (singable by the children) (1)
Language focus (1)
Creativity, Imagination, Initiative (1)

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