Final Exam - Advocacy

You will be working as teams of two for this project.

Choose a partner
Choose a grade level, if appropriate, or your issue may be school wide.
Choose an issue or subject consistent with the description below.

Preparation and Content:

Begin with a position regarding arts in education, based on your experiences in this class. Use the content of your text, your essay and all the class projects and discussions to inform your conversations as you choose the topic/focus of your proposal for this presentation

Put forth a specific proposal for more extensive inclusion of the arts in the general education of children to be adopted by your school or school system. Your recommendation may require funding, may affect the schedule, may require a physical change in the building or classroom, may require teacher training or may require some other substantive adjustment. Use your imagination. Don't be shy about asking the school or school system to invest in your proposal. Keep in mind that you are asking them to buy into your proposal and support it. You are not asking for permission to hold a bake sale to fund your idea. You are proposing a substantive change of some sort.

Interview at least one public school teacher in the target grade level. Present your recommendation and ask for feedback, possible roadblocks and suggestions.

Research your idea or recommendation. Find supporting evidence and anecdotal evidence, refute detractors, offer options and implementation ideas.


Two page maximum. Parts I and II are required. Part III is required if your proposal includes a request for funding.

I. Prepare a one-page (or less) synopsis of your proposal for your instructor. This should tell exactly what you are requesting. Your oral presentation and Power Point can give additional information about the background and justifications.

II. Resources:
         a. Identify the teacher(s) that you interviewed by name and school
         b. list at least two other sources that you consulted in the research you did in preparation for the presentation.

III. Budget, if appropriate. Think this out very carefully. Tell exactly what resources you have and exactly what you need in order to address your "issue." DO NOT suggest taking resources away from someone else or rearranging the school budget. Those decisions are administrative. Your job is to make it clear what you need and to ask for it.


Present your final proposal to the guest principal or superintendent who will be present for your exam period.

10 minute presentation (5 minutes per person)
Divide the responsibilities so each person speaks for about the same amount of time. Plan carefully, so you do not repeat each other.
Choose your words carefully for efficiency and maximum impact.

Dress and behave as a professional educator.

Evaluation (8 points):

Preparation - the research:

Print / published resources
Interview of a practicing teacher

Preparation for the presentation:

Documentation provided for the instructor
Materials and equipment ready to go at start time


Realistic project or request
Well thought out - consideration of appropriate details


Separation of duties of the presentation team
Logical flow of the information presented


Intelligent and appropriate handling of the questions

Other Comments:

Total Score _____
8 points possible



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