Major Musical Composition

Where the Wild Things Are


Class time for working on your section: as class time permits and outside class prior to November 15,
November 15 (full hour), November 22 (released time) *,
November 27 (45 minutes), November 29 (10 minutes

Final Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, December 2- 15 minutes, only

Performance and Recording: Thursday, December 2

"Where the Wild Things Are"

First Movement
Second Movement
Third Movement
Lynn Chapman
Chelsea Fogus
Alexis Bolin
Chasity Taylor
Florence Schooley
Brittany Inge
Brittany Newman
Caitlin Rowland
Adam Yang
Somer Haupt
Holly Baltz
Amanda Linn
Hilary Gladstone
Nicole Kvasnicka
Cassandra Summerell
Nicole Parker
Amberlyn Chapman
Alexandra Alaimo
Allyson Strickland
Nicole Singo
Molly Burgess

updated - 11/14/12

Suggested Rehearsal Plant

Before 11/15
            Plan the details

11/15 – 1-hour rehearsal

1.  Get the details in place and get something notated to guide your performance.    Who will perform what sounds, what inst to use, etc.
2.  Read through your plan several times to get it up to performance level.
3.  Run through the whole thing without stopping.
4.  Critique it and make necessary changes to improve it.
5.  Repeat #3 and 4 until all the details fall into place.
6.  Perform the piece and record it
7.  Critique and make changes.
8.  Repeat #6 and 7 until you have the most wonderful piece ready to go.

11/27 – dress rehearsal – about 45 minutes

1.  Run the piece and assess your performance of it.
            Repeat steps from 11/15 as necessary to polish your performance
2.  Be sure your notation (whatever form it takes) is well understood by all
3.  Record your performance one last time
4.  Listen to it and critique it and make the final, fine-tuning adjustments

11/29 – final rehearsal – 10 minutes

Time for a run-through – no more than that
            Leave nothing to be decided at this last minute.