Major Musical Piece


In the previous projects in this course we started with a brief model to set you on the right track for your group work:

Music – the found sounds compositions
Music and Language – Piggy-back songs
Music, Language and Art – Songs in book form
Music, Language, Art and Drama – music theater piece
Music and Language - Songs for Early Language Learning

With this project, the major musical piece, you will create your own model based on what you have learned through the previous projects and your rich imaginations. (Don’t forget the creativity workshop and your own creative thinking required to complete the webbing exercise.) 

Note: In addition to the projects listed above, please keep in mind activities such as the following:

"Loose Tooth" - rhythm, timbre
"Miss White" - instruments
Drumheller Dinosaur Dance - musical illustration
"Weather - timbre

Process:  Your development of this project will take place during the same weeks as the presentations of your model lessons.  You will have one class period to jump start your group work, and then your group should spend time outside the class period on this project each week until the presentations.  Since each of you will be presenting your model lesson on only one of the days in the last five weeks, this project should occupy most of your class preparation time during those five weeks.  Your group may want to plan a regular meeting time each week and you may want to divide up some of the responsibilities to complete individual parts between those meeting times.

The last Tuesday of classes will be your dress rehearsal time.  Each group will have a chance to present your work and receive critique from the other class members.  A complete performance will occur on the last day of class.  This will be recorded for posterity.  (For summer and international classes there will be an alternative process.)

Content: The final product will be a musical composition in three sections portraying Where The Wild Things Are by  Maurice Sendak.  Each of three groups will set one of the three sections of the book as a 5-6 minute musical composition.  These three parts will be performed in the appropriate order and will portray the entire story.  (We may have fewer groups and a different book for summer and international classes. If so, please interpret the following content guidelines accordingly.)

The middle section may be a purely instrumental piece.  It may include classroom instruments, found sounds, body percussion, etc.  It may also include vocal sounds, but there is no text to set.  This section should be composed within the parameters of a recognizable musical form.

The first and last sections have more choices for compositional possibilities.  Each has a text upon which to build and you may do so in one or more of a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:

For all three sections:
Your final product should convey the meaning, action, ideas, etc. of your section through musical sounds and, in sections #1 and #3, perhaps through the lyrics, as well.

Your final presentation must be a live performance in which all members of your group contribute in a musical sense. Pre recorded sounds may be used for special effects, but the rest of the performance must be live.

Required Considerations:
As you make all the choices and decisions in creating the musical piece, please keep the elements of music at the center of all those considerations:

Harmony (you may want to omit this one.)

First Movement Second Movement Third Movement

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