Guidelines for Mini Lesson

Lesson Plan Format: Standard Longwood format.

Be sure to have a copy of the lesson plan and all print materials available for the instructor.

8 -10 minutes


Choose a grade level and a subject that the classroom teacher is normally expected to teach. Use music (including at least one song) to support or enhance the content of that lesson. Let the following considerations guide your preparation for the lesson.


goals clearly stated
goals appropriate to the grade level
activities that support the goal
activities in a logical, appropriate sequence


choice of appropriate song and musical materials
presentation of the song - leading the singing (You may use a recording, if you wish.)
good singing - yours and the class's
practice to insure student learning

Communication  –  clearly and easily understood

Transitions, coordination and compatibility of the subjects

Materials and equipment – availability, usability and preparation

Be sure that you plan a lesson in which you, the teacher, are actively engaged in the learning that is taking place. For example, do not ask your instructor to "watch" you "watching the class" do a worksheet.


The rest of the class will serve as your students at whatever grade level you assign to them.

Be sure you have all materials ready to go before you start the lesson. If you need to get into the room early, let your instructor know.

Bring photocopies or posters of any text/song that will need to be read as part of the lesson or that you want us to be able to sing as if we already know the song. You may also use the overhead projector for materials or instructions.

Have Fun!!!!

Written document due prior to the Mini lesson:
Due Tuesday, October 22, 2015.  If you make major changes in your plan prior to your presentation, please let your instructor know.

A Brief description of your plan for your model lesson should include the following:
-Grade level
-Subject and concepts within the subject, including targeted SOLs
-Name of the song. Indicate if it's a piggy back song. Other musical items
-Description of visuals and other materials you expect to use.
-Anything else you consider particularly interesting or unique to your plan
-Does not need to include specific objectives or procedures, just the overview


Criteria for Evaluation: See "Content" above.

Mini Lessons / Peer Teaching
Fall 2015

Tuesday, November 3


Tuesday, November 5


Thursday, November 10


Tuesday, November 12


Thursday, November 17


Thursday, November 19


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