Music-Drama - Presentation

You will be assigned a song, poem or story on which to base your music-drama.  If your assignment is a story or a poem you will need to add songs or set some of the texts to music. Each presentation must include singing and you may ask the audience (the rest of the class) to join in the singing. If you do, please make appropriate plans and preparations for carrying this out smoothly.

The substance: As you create your music-drama be sure to include singing, acting, scenery, costumes, musical instruments. Please use things that you have or can find. Do not spend $$$ buying things for this project. Your final presentation should be about 5-8 minutes long and should incorporate the elements and skills of music, art and drama. As part of your wrap-up (post performance) you must discuss how you used at least two elements of each of these arts in your performance.

Personnel: If your group needs more actors than you have in your group please plan to incorporate classmates whom you will recruit at your final rehearsal. Each group will have about 15 minutes of class time for the final rehearsal before your performance. Your group should be the core of your presentation and you may assign some smaller parts to class members not in your group.

Note: Your performance will be videotaped.

Evaluation (8 points):

Meets Criteria of the Guidelines
Quality of songs and singing
Division of responsibilities - everyone participating
Flow - continuity, polish, etc.
Use of space, props, scenery, etc
Appropriate for classroom
Creative and Captivating
Explanation of use of elements of music, drama and art


Updated on 8/23/14