Format: your choice. Put a table of contents at the beginning to guide the reader (That's your instructor in this case).

Contents: an organized representation of all the materials and documents you have created, studied or collected during this course. Put things in an order that you or someone else might easily use as a resource.

Note: Notebooks are due as indicated on your syllabus. Please include place markers for items that you will add after that deadline.

Sample: The organization listed below is based on previous notebooks. You may use this, but only as a guide - not a model. If you have crafted another model, please go with that. It is not necessary that all notebooks look the same. You should organize these materials in the way that will be most helpful to you in the future.

   Songs Everyone Should Know
   Series Books Samples
   Piggy Back Songs
   Songs for Early Language Learning
Other Print and Audio Resources (Bibliographies)
   Annotated Bibliography of Materials
   Bibliography of Songs in Book Form
Text-related Items
   Chapter Discussions
   Seeds Activities
   Essay: Creating Meaning Through the Arts
Supplemental Materials
   Supplemental Text (yellow pages)
   Miscellaneous Handouts
   Big book
   Music Drama
   Thematic Units
   Major Musical Piece
Model Lesson

   Lesson Plan and Materials for your own
   Materials from Others' Model Lessons
Advocacy Project (final exam)

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