Piggy-Back Songs

The heading should appear in the upper right hand corner of the first page and should include the following:

Your Course Number (MUSC448 or MUSC548)
Piggy-Back Song
(Your names)

Do not include a cover sheet.


Text Format:    If you decide to submit this paper electronically, be sure to use "Word." Canvas doesn't like some of the other software as well, and you want to be sure that your work gets recognized.

Length: 1 page - Organize your materials (four items listed under Content) to fit on one side of one standard sheet of paper. This is required for full credit.


1. Original song - Choose a children's song or folk song. Be sure that the song (the music) is not too difficult or too easy (use your best guess) for the grade level. Choose a song with regular phrases, at least until you become skilled at the piggy-back techniques. Your page should include a copy (probably reduced in size) of the original song with the original words. Be sure to start with an original children's song or folk song, not a song that is already a piggy-back song. ("On Top of Spaghetti" is already a piggy-back song.)

2. Bibliographic Citation - Give complete, appropriately formatted information identifying the original source of the song. One who reads this should be able to go to the source easily.

3. Your Piggy-Back text - Write a new (substitute) text for the song that relates to a subject you may be teaching in the classroom. Be sure that your new text matches the rhythm of the original song and that it is singable. Your new text must include at least three verses.

4. Discussion -Include your motivation for choosing this song and writing this text. Describe how this song supports the subject you chose and suggest possible uses for your new song. You may include any pertinent information here, but confine yourself to 100 words.

Be prepared to discuss your perspectives in class on the day the paper and performance are due, and be prepared to sing your piggy-back song for the class. You may ask the class to join you in singing, if you give them the means to be able to do so.

NOTE: These pages may be photocopied to share with other members of the class, so make yours look good.


Evaluation (4 points):

Format (1)
Creativity, Imagination, Initiative, etc. (1)
Appropriateness to the chosen subject (1)
Usability (singable by the children) (1)

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