Thematic Design - Projects

The heading should appear in the upper right hand corner of the first page and should include the following:

Your Course Number (MUSC448 or MUSC548)
Thematic Design - Projects
Your name

Do not include a cover sheet.


Format: one thematic design per page. These may be computer generated, hand drawn or photo copies of the model on p. 65 of your text. If your final product includes your handwriting, make sure it is easy to read.

Length: 2 pages - 1 page per project (unit)


Use the "Nine-Legged Web" design on page 65 of your text as the model for two distinct unit outlines. For further information on the process of planning a unit in this design, consult "Building Blocks III: Collaborative AI Planning" in the Cornett text on pp. 66-72. This assignment requires two unit plans as follows:

1. use a general theme, such as community, integrity, climate, the rainforest, whales, etc. as the focal point of the unit web.
2. use a song as the focal point of your unit web.

In each of the nine segments of the web design you may list materials and resources or procedures that you might use. (One example in each segment will be adequate for this assignment, but feel free to go crazy, if the spirit moves you.) Be sure that the content of each segment relates to the focal point, and be specific enough so the reader will understand your intent. (Remember, always write for your audience.)

Be prepared to discuss your perspectives and the content in class on the day the paper is due. You may use computer graphics, but, if you handwrite your work, please be sure to make it legible. We may make copies of these for other class members.

Updated on 8/9/13